Alarm Watch with Vibrate | Restaurant Pager | 3 Receivers+1 Wrist Watch

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  1. The Alarm Watch with Vibrate not only can be used in restaurant, hotel, clinic,shop or anywhere customer waiting for their service,also an emergency call tool for elderly,pregnant,mental disorder,children or disabled.
  2. This life alarm watch has 5 alarm modes: light only / buzzer only / vibration only / buzzer + vibration / vibration + buzzer + light only, call without disturbing others Night nurse
  3. If you are in the service industry, such as restaurant,hotel,KTV etc,you can use this product--pager watch to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  4. Easy to install, can be installed in bathroom, bedroom or other floors.
  5. The indoor communication distance is up to 50 feet (outdoors also).


1.Easy to use and install

2.Portable pager receiver

3.Low power consumption

4.Working voltage:3.7V

5.Working temperature:from-40℉ to -176℉


1 * Wrist pager receiver
1* Power Adapter
3 * Transmitters
3* 12V 23A battery
1 * User Manual
3 * Double sided Adhesive Tapes

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