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              Elderly Alert Devices
              When the elderly fall or are in danger of falling, medical alarm equipment may provide effective and timely assurance. The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) disclosed an incident in which a woman received an emergency call while making breakfast in the morning. After the fall, her husband pressed the emergency button, and the woman immediately rushed upstairs and found her husband bleeding heavily after hitting his head on the door frame of the bedroom door. This example highlights the huge benefits of having medical alert equipment.

              Different types of equipment
              MIT occupational therapist and stroke rehabilitation expert Leah Bellman said in an article in Consumer Reports that anyone who is at risk of falls or other types of medical malpractice , Can benefit from medical alarm equipment. There are several types of medical alarm devices, including pendant and hands-free medical alarm systems. Other medical alert systems include cellular medical alert systems, phone/medical alert combinations and activity trackers. Deciding on the ideal medical alert system depends on several factors, including the various features, service options, and costs that make a particular system the right choice for your needs.

              The elderly alert devices produced by CallToU is affordable and easy to use. You can get the necessary help at the first time by simply pressing the call button. Compared with other high-priced medical equipment, except for the automatic alarm function, other functions are complete and effective. The most important thing is that our elderly alert system can be used by everyone.

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