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              Why do we choose the emergency call button for elderly? Yes we can imagine, there are many benefits for the elderly to use the emergency call button. It can greatly alleviate our worries about elderly parents. When an emergency occurs, even if we are not with them, we can get the needs in time and provide the necessary help at the first time.

              The emergency call button for the elderly is usually equipped with an emergency button and a receiver. There are two main types of emergency call buttons for the elderly on the market, one is automatically triggered, and the other is semi-automatically triggered, which means that the button must be manually pressed. The automatic trigger system can automatically trigger the emergency button when the elderly falls, which can better avoid the problem of failing to notify family members in time due to accidents. What we want to focus on is the second semi-automatically triggered emergency call button system for the elderly. Their functions are the same. The biggest difference is that you need to manually press the button. Facts have proved that most customers will choose to buy the second type, mainly because the price is indeed relatively affordable.

              In Europe and America, more families will choose to buy emergency call buttons for the elderly and send them to relatives in need of care. Obviously, this is a trend and expression of love. If you love him/her, just buy them an emergency call button for the elderly.

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