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  • Are you in a career related to managing restaurants, fast food restaurants, hotels, clinics, shops, factories, parking lots, banks, etc.? This is a good idea and a way to maintain social distancing to avoid confusion among employees and improve customer satisfaction.
  • If there are elderly, children, sick or disabled people in your home, they can use this emergency call tool: alarm watch with vibrate to get help faster! They don't have to shout loudly to get the attention of others.
  • This life alert watch with 5 alarm modes: light only/buzzer only/vibration only/buzzer+vibration/vibration+buzzer+light only to wake up night shift nurses; but no one else.
  • The call buttonis easy to carry; you can put it in your pocket and hang it around your neck as a pendant, and fix it on the bedside and toilet for the convenience of those in need, depending on your requirements.
  • The indoor communication distance is up to 50 feet (outdoors also).


1.Easy to use and install

2.Portable pager receiver

3.Low power consumption

4.Working voltage:3.7V

5.Working temperature:from-40℉ to -176℉


1 * Wrist pager receiver
1 * Adapter
2 * Straps
1 * Transmitters
1* 12V 23A battery
1 * User Manual
1 * Double sided Adhesive Tapes

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