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              Although there are mobile phones, walkie talkies and GPS gadgets can also help you keep in touch with open areas.

              Keeping in touch with the walkie-talkie and the walkie talkie are very helpful to keep in touch with the party. They work regularly and do not need a permit as long as they meet the special requirements set by the Communications Authority. For short-distance communications, walkie-talkies operating at 409 MHz are usually rare and reasonable. The website of the Office of Communications Management provides a summary of those models that do not require a license.

              Potential obstacles to walkie-talkies

              The communication range of the walkie-talkie will be reduced due to the difficult terrain you are in, and may be affected by climatic conditions. Therefore, you should always be prepared to deal with potential crises, in these crises, you can not completely rely on the walkie-talkie. Planning for spare equipment (such as a mobile phone) is essential, and you should also learn about the closed area through the open phone and the supplementary crisis hotline before setting off.

              One advantage of using walkie-talkies to help others use walkie-talkies is that they can make good use of the walkie-talkie to talk to other explorers outside the party. All explorers are urged to block Channel 9 in order to answer crisis calls from different climbers who may be within range. According to these principles, you can provide help in the event of a crisis, or you can seek external help. You should make sure that the sound of the walkie-talkie is muted and the code is set to "00", which will improve the collection effect and make it easier for you to decide on crisis when needed.

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