CallToU Bed Alarms System - Fall Prevention Alarm Pad for Dementia Patients, Seniors, Call Bell Pager with Panic Button Wireless Pressure Sensor Caregiver Monitoring Medical Alert


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  • pressure Sensing bed alarm, when the patient leaves without authorization, the mattress will send an alarm signal in time to remind the nursing staff. Patients can also take the initiative to call for help when they need help.
  • bed pad Alarm System.The 20in x 28in blue pressure sensing mat is made of high-quality nylon material, which is wrinkle-proof, waterproof and moisture-proof, has a long service life, a soft surface.Moisture-proof helps prevent damage due to incontinent episodes.
  • The advantage of the portable pager, when the patient needs help, call the nursing staff in time, which prevents the patient from leaving the bed or chair alone fall prevention dementia patients for elderly
  • Portable receiver with vibration reminder, this receiver is suitable for the elderly, deaf and dumb, with strong vibration and ringing, can wake up the night shift nurses, and will not disturb others. Put it in your pocket/bag, or use the belt clip provided to secure it and take it with you.
  • Application scenarios and precautions, pressure-sensitive mattresses can be used in various beds, chairs and wheelchairs, and used as nursing assistance systems for senile dementia patients and patients with mobility impairments such as homes, nursing homes, and hospitals. It is worth noting that the mattress is placed under the patient's buttocks. If the patient's sleep quality is not good, it is forbidden to use it at night.
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