CallToU Window Speaker Intercom System,Dual Way Anti-Interference Intercommunication

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About this item

  • Dual-way intercommunication: Two-way voice window intercom counter interphone adopts auto dual-way intercommunication technology,automatic indentification of processing speech signals during a call dose not require any action.
  • Host & Extension: Both the main unit and the extension have 78.74IN wire speaker and high-sensitive microphone, and the volume can be adjusted separately.
  • Sound clear: Inside & Outside Volume Adjustable,CallToU Window Speaker system has a top-quality speaker and high-sensitive microphone; The voice from CallToU Window Intercom system is clear and natural.
  • Wide Aapplication Scenario: CallToU window speaker can be used in many workplaces, such as bank windows, ticket windows, hospital windows, bank windows, glass windows, counter windows, etc
  • Recording: There is a recording jack that can be connected to recording equipment, which can work continuously and clearly for a long time.Realize two-way recording conversion.

Product Description

window intercom system

CallToU window speaker intercom is suitable for the voice communication in closed business window or noisy places.With advanced language processing chip, unique design and strict quality management. It has the characteristics of clear sound quality, controllable volume, anti-interference and anti-howling.

window intercom system


1. Automatic two-way intercom, anti-interference and noise-free function

2.Super-strong background noise suppressing circuit, and the machine is free from noise in a static state.

3.Large power, can work continuously for a long time.

4.With unique circuit and design, only one side can speak at the same time, while the other side is not

allowed to speak, so as to ensure that both sides can hear each other's expression clearly.

5.A wide dynamic working range, able to effectively adapt to all kinds of working environments.


window speaker intercom

window speaker intercom

window speaker intercom

Unique Design

Exquisite shell, noble and decent .There are three buttons on the host, one of which is the power switch.The other two are the volume adjustment knobs. The knob has a metallic luster, elegant and generous.Adjustable volume with separate knob.

Clear Sound

A professional structural design of loudspeaker box, which can perfectly eliminate resonance and make the sound pure, natural, permeable and clear.

Dual Channels

Dual channels, with auto control and switch, which can effectively prevent self-excited howling and cross-interference between channels


window speaker intercom

window speaker intercom

easy to install

Automatic two-way record conversion

Built-in recording signal output, can provide master station and sub station audio output for recording.The host also has a recording jack, which can connect record equipment external.

Linear Volume Cntrol

Linear volume cntrol, no noise during volume adjustment. With these two knobs, the volume inside and outside can be adjusted separately.

Easy To Install: Plug and Play

Insert the plug of external loudspeaker box into the loudspeaker jack of the main unit.The outside speaker has a sticky backing that can be stuck to the window glass.

Plug the power adapter into a 100V-240V socket,and insert the output end into the power Jack of the main unit.


Where you can use CallToU Window Intercom ?


ticket office






Ticket Window


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