CallToU Caregiver Pager, 12min Ultra-Long Ringtone Wireless Call Buttons for Elderly Monitoring, Call Bell for Patients/Elderly/Disabled


1 Receiver + 2 Call Buttons1 Receiver + 2 Call Buttons
2 Receiver and 2 Call Buttons2 Receiver and 2 Call Buttons
Proveedor: CallToU SKU: CC29WH-BT009GR 2-1 US

Product Description

  • [Easy to Set Up and Use] CallToU wireless caregiver pager is ready to use out of the box and easy to set up.The call button is pressed, it immediately sends an alert to the caregiver pager. The call button for elderly provides home assistance and care for your loved.
  • [12-min Super Long Ringing Time] This call bell for elderly receiver has three ringing times to choose: 8s, 16s, and 12min. Especially the long ringtime of 12min, you don’t have to worry about missing any calls. Note: CallToU elderly assistance products receiver 8s and 16s ringtime are only applicable to some chimes, please read the manual for details.
  • [Full Coverage & Expandable Pairing] Our call button for elderly at home has a range of up to 500 feet. The page system for elderly receiver has a loud sound that can be heard throughout the entire house.
  • [Wear Comfortably & Low Battery Reminder] The caregiver call button weighs only 33.6g, is comfortable to wear, and is suitable for elderly monitoring/patients/disable.
  • [What You Get] CallTou alert button for seniors at home included: Receiver*1, Transmitter*2, Transmitter Accessories, welcome guide, our worry-free 12-month warranty and friendly customer service.



CallToU Caregiver Pager with 12-min Adjustable Ringing Time - Never Miss Any Call

CallToU's newly upgraded, 12-minute adjustable ring tone, care pager with digital display - Don't worry about missing calls, making caring for your loved ones easy.

CallToU is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for caregivers, and our Caregiver Pagers & Alerting systems are designed to offer peace of mind and efficient communication in caregiving scenarios. These innovative products are tailored to meet the unique needs of caregivers, ensuring they stay informed and connected with their care recipients.

By prioritizing communication and responsiveness, CallToU's Caregiver Pagers & Alerting systems contribute to a supportive caregiving environment, fostering efficiency and peace of mind for both caregivers and care recipients.


Make Caring Your Loved One Easy

The 12-minute paging alarm system includes a wireless caregiver pager with 1-9 numeric displays and 14 alarm tones to choose from. Our senior monitoring alarms have a range of up to 500 feet, allowing caregivers to be in different rooms to handle other tasks, making them an important part of senior assistance products. If the patient needs assistance, falls, or has an emergency, the help button can be pressed to alert caregivers.


About Us

CallToU was founded in 2015, our unwavering commitment to quality spans every aspect, from procurement to production, ensuring each product meets the highest standards. CallToU has successfully delivered personalized home care services to nearly 1,000,000 elderly individuals worldwide, alleviating the stress of care for 1,000,000 families and enabling their children to work and live more peacefully.


Making Care Simple


call button for elderly


Elderly Assistance Products

We hope to make caregiving simple. It's ready to use, the call button and paging system don't need to be paired. It comes with everything you need. Just open the box and follow the carefully written instructions to install the call button and start using it. An instructional video is included.

Wear Comfortably

The call button weighs only 33.6g, is comfortable to wear, and is suitable for elderly people.

We want to make caregiving easy. Pairing is not required for the call button and pager system.

Wall Mount Bracket

Each call button comes with a flexible wall mount, allowing you to remove the call button at any time when you need to take it away without having to permanently attach it to the wall.

Take it with you wherever you go.


Smart Wireless Caregiver Pager for Families, Small Clinics, and Nursing Homes




12min Super Long Ringing Time

The receiver has three ringing times: 8s, 16s, and 12min. Among them, there is an optional long ringtone file of 12 minutes, so you don’t have to worry about missing any calls.

Personalized Ringtone Settings

Our nurse alarm system has 14 alarm sound options and 5 levels of adjustable volume, ranging from 0-110dB. It is designed to set lower volume and preferred music for those who may be sensitive to loud noise.

Low Battery Reminder

Our elderly call button is not just an ordinary calling device, it also comes with a low battery reminder function, allowing you to always be aware of the device's battery status.


Product information


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