CallToU 1000ft IP67 Waterproof Wireless Caregiver Pager Call Button for Patient Nurse Alert System for Elderly Monitoring Call Bell for Home 1 Receiver Wrist Pager SOS Call Buttons

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1 IP67 Waterproof Watch1 IP67 Waterproof Watch
Proveedor: CallToU SKU: SW11BL-US

Product Description

  • CONVENIENT AND PORTABLE: Wireless watch caregiver pager /call button portable design, can be worn on the hand or hung around the neck, fixed at the bedside/restroom. The wireless buzzer for elderly is perfect for taking care of aging parents, especially those with Alzheimer's/dementia/hospice patients/mobility issues.
  • 300-METER/1000-FOOT ULTRA-LONG WIRELESS RANGE: The nurse call bell system provides caregivers with greater flexibility. Whether you are on the second floor, in the parking lot, basement, or in outdoor activities, you will be able to receive call messages promptly. Elderly people can also move around freely without worrying about losing signal and enjoy better care and safety.
  • 4 RINGTONE PROMPT MODE:(Shake & Beep / Beep / Shake / Mute). The calltou wireless caregiver pager's vibration concept will only call the caregiver without disturbing others, making it easy for you and your family to sleep at night. It also features a time/calendar/timed alarm.
  • 55 PRESET WORDS-PERSONALIZED PRESET (Keyvalue Define): "When you want a glass of juice/withdrawal of needle/nurse", the wireless nurse watches can set personalized requirements for each button, press the button and call with one key.
  • UP TO 384 BUTTONS CAN BE ADDED: Each button of the call light system can be numbered for personal, home, hospital, nursing home, and community care calls, restaurant waiter calls, and office alarms, giving you more flexibility and versatility.
  • IP67 WATERPROOF TRANSMITTER/IP55 CALL BUTTON.: The call bell for elderly at home can be worn in the shower, and the panic button is waterproof but cannot be worn in the shower, allowing hand washing/soup spills.







Can you connect more than 5 buttons to a one-pager?

Yes, you can add extra buttons and pair them to your pager, the unit can work together well.


Can the call button be connected to more than one pager?



Does the watch know which call button has sent the alert? For example, if there are 5 patients in different rooms.

Yes. You can set different numbers for each button.


Will this work if someone is outdoors and someone is indoors

Yes, if it is used in a three-story room in a family, it is completely OK. If your distance exceeds the use range, you need to add more receivers

it can work well if they are in the operating range.


Order Nowand experience unparalleled care and convenience with our innovative Wireless Watch Caregiver Pager. Ensure the safety and well-being of your elderly loved ones today!

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