CallToU wireless smart watch pager emergency call button system


2Call buttons+1Watch2Call buttons+1Watch
5Call buttons+1Watch5Call buttons+1Watch
10Call buttons+1Watch10Call buttons+1Watch
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SKU: SW05BL 2-1

                    CallToU wireless smart watch pager emergency call button system

                    wrist pager


                    wrist pager vs plug in pager

                    IP55 waterproof

                    easy to carry

                            PAGER WATCH NO MONTHLY FEE

                    • For Both Caregiver and Patient/Elderly/Resident/Handicapped/Sick Freedom while Still calling for Help at home. Not need to Yell to Get Someone’s Attention.
                    • SMART CAREGIVER PAGER: Vibration or Audible Prompt for choice. Wake Up the night shift caregiver Only
                    • Transmitter/Push Call Button is Waterproof. 
                    • Both Pager/receiver and Call button are powered by Built-in battery. Pager battery are Rechargeable. Standby time about 3 days. DC 12V 23A Call button battery. Standby time about 1 years
                    • Tag:Alarm Watch with Vibrate/Wrist Paging System/Pager Watch
                    • User Manual

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                    Pay attention!!!

                    Each set is individually paired and ready to use. If you need to add more call buttons, it is also possible, but you need to re-pair, the specific pairing video can refer to this link:


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