CallToU Wireless Caregiver Pager Smart Call Button Nurse Alert System Waterproof Call Bell

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1 SOS Watches+1 Button + 2 Receivers1 SOS Watches+1 Button + 2 Receivers
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CallToU Wireless Caregiver Pager System

  • ♚【All Round Four Piece Call System】Two kinds of call buttons: 1. Short press the blue call button: wear it on the neck (equipped with a lanyard) or stick to object (equipped with double-sided tape). 2. Press and hold the wrist call button for 1-2 seconds: the button worn on the wrist.Both buttons are waterproof call buttons.Two receivers, one can be charged by USB, which is convenient to carry, and the other can be plugged in, which can protect family members 24 hours a day
  • ♚【Wireless Caregiver Pager System】The medical call alert system is composed of 2 receivers and 2 SOS transmitters.The idea is for both caregiver and the patient/elderly/handicapped/sick freedom while still calling for help at home. Not need to yell to get someone’s attention,meet the various needs of users, all-round protection
  • ♚【Good Performance Receivers】The plug-in receiver has 55 kinds of ringtone, 5 kinds of volume (0-110dB) for you to choose.The USB charging receiver has 5 kinds of music (including mute mode), 4 kinds of volume (0-110dB) can be selected. The USB charging receiver is small in size, can be carried with you, and can also be attached to magnetic objects.
  • ♚【Receiving Distance in Open Area】The receiving distance between the blue call button and the receiver in an open area is 500 feet. The receiving distance between the wrist call button and the receiver in an open area is 70 feet.
  • ♚【Wide Range of Applications】Caregiver pager wireless can be used in many places, such as homes, apartments, offices, hotels, warehouses, hospitals, nursing homes, and so on.

The Application of Alarm System

patient pager system

alert button for seniors

for pregnant women

caregiver wrist pager

Call Bell for Patients

Call Button for Elderly at Home

Personal Safety Devices for Women

Baby Monitors

Perfect Gift for Seniors Caregiver pager

The wireless caregiver pager is with a call button and a watch pager button, which can be a baby monitors and life alert systems for seniors.

And the aler system is also has two receiver: the rechargeable receiver can easy carry in pocket. It is convenient for your daily work and life. And you can water flowers at the garden, wash the car in the garage, cook in the kitchen. The other one is plug in design, which can remind someone who in the room to check what happend. This provides caregivers with more independence and give you more freedom.

The wireless caregiver pager is very necessary for the elderly, the disabled,the sick,child and pregnant woman.When they encounter an emergency or need some help, then they press the SOS call button, the receiver will ring when receiver receive the signal. This will remind the caregivers need to help them immediately. It can avoid much accident.

Package List

  • 2 x Receiver
  • 2 x Transmitter(Include batteries)
  • 2 x Double sided adhesive tape
  • 1 x Magnetic suction piece
  • 1 x USB Charging cable
  • 1 x lanyard
  • 1 x Small screwdriver
  • 2 x User manual

Rechargeable, Wireless and Portable Receiver

  • With a USB Charging cable
  • Small size and easy to carry
  • 5 Ringtones(Including mute mode).The default ringtone is “Ding-Dong”.
  • 4 Levels of volume(0 dB -110dB)
  • Low power consumption

Plug-in Home Receiver

  • Modern & Stylish design
  • Easy installation
  • 55 Ringtones.The default ringtone is “Ding-Dong”.
  • 5 Levels of volume(0 dB -110dB)
  • Low power consumption

Waterproof Calltou Watch Pager Button

Two kinds of transimitter
  1. Caregiver panic Call Button: With a string and it can hang on neck as pendant and easy to put in pocket or bag. Open area with a working range of up to 500 feet.
  2. Watch Pager Button: convenient for elderly. The working distance between the watch button and the receiver is 70ft.

How to pair more transimitters and selec music?

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