CallToU Vibration Buzzer Caregiver Pager Wireless Alert Button Nurse Help 500+FT Call System

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4 button 2 receiver4 button 2 receiver
Vendor: CallToU SKU: CC18WH-VP02-BT007

Product Description

  • 【Alert Button for Seniors at Home】 When a loved one seeks help, give someone close to you a call. When a patient needs medication to turn over, when an elderly person has mobility problems, or in an emergency, press the button and the alarm will activate, making enough sound to get someone's attention and solve the problem. It is the perfect home call system for the elderly, disabled, pregnant women and children
  • 【Long distance, anti-interference pager】 Nurse call system has strong anti-interference function. With one-to-one signal pairing, there is no need to worry about the signal connecting incorrectly with the person next door and not interfering with other devices in your home or neighborhood. With a sensing distance of up to 500 feet in an accessible environment, you can receive the signal anywhere in your home with no delay, ensuring you never miss a call for help
  • 【Adjustable Volume】 The plug-in receiver has 55 ringtones and the portable vibration receiver has 36 ringtones for you to choose from to meet all your needs in your daily life.5 adjustable volume levels from 0db to 110db, silent mode won't disturb your neighbors, 90db is better to remind you to drop what you are doing to find the person who needs help
  • 【Caregiver Call Button is waterproof and easy to carry】 The transmitter can accept splashes of meals or soup and can be installed in bathrooms, toilets, laundry rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. It is lightweight and portable, and can be carried in a pocket or hung around the neck as a pendant. It allows family members and users to move freely while ensuring that help is still available when the panic button is pressed, making it ideal for the elderly, elders, sick and disabled
  • 【Don't hesitate to order】 Exquisite packaging is the preferred gift for parents, elders and family members. If you have any questions, you can view the included user manual, link to product video and detail page graphic description. 24-hour customer service and professional technical team are always on call. please note that we cannot contact you through the product review page
  • User Manual

CallToU Wireless Caregiver Pager Smart Call System

CallToU: Calling you!

Users call family, friends, and people around them for help.

Since its inception nearly 10 years deep in the security industry, the brand for the elderly, children and other special groups of people continue to develop high-quality products and provide a great user experience.

Our mission: To make users safer, families more at ease, and life better.

The perfect combination of portability and efficiency for your alert call system. Never miss an alert whenever you are at home with Flashing Wireless pager. CallToU wireless caregiver pager smart call system is a set of four products that works hand-in-hand to keep your place secure, and caregiver friendly.

Who Needs a CallToU Emergency Button Nurse Call System?

Wireless Portable Caregiver Pager

This portable vibration pager offers portability and convenience to users, that keeps them alert anywhere they go, as long as it is within range.

Caregiver call button for taking care of patients or elderly at family or nursing home, give you more freedom.

Battery type receiver easily use and with IP55 waterproof call button.

It alerts you with vibrations and peace sound when your kids or elderly need you caregiver.

Vibrations could remind people with poor hearing, especially suitable for elderly User.


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