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Product Description


  • DOG DOORBELLS SYSTEM - Dog doorbell for potty training and going outside. Our doggie doorbell and training bells are useful for training dogs of any age but are really successful as potty training bells for puppies between 8-12 weeks old.
  • TRIGGER SIMPLE - The dog bells just need lightly touch or slip over the touchpad to activate the doorbell through the nose or claw. No need to press! Either dogs or cats also can do it.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE - This dog doorbell system has 55 customizable tones and 5 volume levels (0-110dB). This will ensure that you do not miss a signal, and you can choose how loud you want the alert to be. Also has a memory function that will remember your last doorbell ring after a power outage.
  • LONG RANGE - Receiver and transmitter in a barrier-free environment, the maximum effective working distance can reach 500ft.
  • WATERPROOF - The waterproof grade of the doorbell button is IP55. Use it in an outdoor environment, don't worry about the dog doorbell stopping working caused of water.

Wireless Dog Doorbell for Potty Training

easy to use

Potty Training Dog Doorbells


  • The receiver plugs into a standard 110v outlet.
  • The transmitter is water resistant, and no wires or plugs make the activator great for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Features 3M adhesive for wall/door mounting – no screws or tools necessary.
  • 5 different volumes to choose from Can select from 52 different ring tones Activator and receiver communicate as far as 500 feet from each other when indoors.
  • Easy to use for pets of any size – requires just touch the button.


  • Receiver voltage: AC 110~260 volts (wide voltage)
  • Operating Temperature -22℉-158℉
  • Transmitter battery: 23A12V Alkaline
easy to installation



  • Do not install the transmitter on the security door. The metal will weaken the signal and affect the remote control distance!
  • Do not install the receiver next to electric appliances such as TV sets, induction cookers, microwave ovens, etc. with electromagnetic waves!
  • We care about every customer,if you have any problem or suggestion,please feel free concact to us,your any opinion is important and a great encouragement to us!



long range


suit for all size dogs

Ultra-Long Wireless Range

Wireless Doorbell Kit supports a connection range of up to 500 feet. With the ultra-long wireless range and strong signal penetration, the doorbell can be freely used in large areas like homes, gardens, villas and more.

IP55 Waterproof

Mother Nature can be fierce. In order to withstand whatever the elements may throw at it, the transmitter has a high waterproof rating of IP55. Even heavy rain will not interrupt the operation of the robust transmitter while stationed outside.

Suit for all dogs

Doggie do not need to press, just touch gently, for puppy dogs of all sizes.



Q:How long do batteries last on average, what type of battery does it use?

A:It can be used for 1 year in average,it is 12V 23A alkaline battery.

Q:Do I need power outlet outside and inside?

A:The transmitter is powered by battery,It is very convenient to replace the battery and battery could last 1 year.The receiver is directly plugged in outlet and powered.

Q:Is this product a button or touch screen type bell?

A:It’s a sensor. Your pet just touch it is ok.

Q:Is it easy to train the dog to use it?

A:Yes,it's easy to train your dog how to use it.


How to use the doorbell to training your doggies?

The First Step: Have your dog touch your hand nose or foot! treat! nose or foot! treat!

The Second Step: Put wireless doorbells on the floor; touch with nose or foot! treat! repeat reward process.

The Third Step: Use 3M double-sided tape to stick the wireless doorbell on the door or wall nose or foot! treat!

The Fourth Step: repeat, open the door, and tossing the treat outside. Few rounds of repetitive and positive reinforcement.


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