CallToU Door Chime Motion Sensor Wireless Door Chime Motion Detect Alarm Sensor with 500FT Range 55 Chimes 5 Volume Level LED Indicators Door Chime

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CC22-PIR 1-1CC22-PIR 1-1
Vendor: CallToU SKU: CC22BL-PIR11BL 1-1 US
commercial door chimes when door opens for business

Instructions for Use

motion sensor door alarm


1 . Plug the receiver into the socket 2 . Press the send button for about 3 seconds, when the receiver hears the "ping pong" sound, the send light will flash. 3 . Press the receiver's volume control button for about 5 seconds, and turn off the transmitter light hear the "ding ding" sound. 4.complete

Sensor Sensitivity

motion sensor door chime for business

Detection angle

With a transmission range of 200 meters, The sensing distance is 2-8 meters, and the sensing angle is 15° up and down and 120° left and right. It can detect the movement within its range, fixed on the base with a magnet, and can be rotated 360° to adjust the detection angle.

Situational Use

door chime motion sensor

What precautions should be taken during use?

Infrared sensors detect temperature changes. Therefore, they react not only to people but also to animals and sense light temperature, which may cause them to malfunction. Choose a location that is less likely to be affected.


Is double-sided tape for installation included?

Yes, the unit is supplied with double-sided tape for installation. Accessories include the transmitter sensor, receiver, mounting screws, double-sided tape (for the transmitter sensor), and operating instructions. Note: Do not install in wet area.

What type of lithium-ion battery is used on the side of the transmitter sensor?

The battery type is a CR2 3V lithium-ion battery.


Can this product be used outdoors?

It should be used under the eaves or indoors.

What are the advantages of the motion sensor chime?

Since the chime operates by detecting infrared light and temperature, there is no need to take any action, such as turning it on. They are also ideal for security measures.

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