Outdoor Adventure Essentials: CallToU Long Range Walkie Talkies with NOAA Alerts and LED Flashlight

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22 Channel LCD Display Walkie Talkies22 Channel LCD Display Walkie Talkies
Vendor: CallToU SKU: WT33BL-US-2

Product Description

🌟 LED Flashlight:Illuminate your path at night with the built-in LED flashlight, ensuring you never lose your way in the dark.

🌦️ NOAA Weather Alerts:Stay informed about changing weather conditions, keeping you safe and prepared during your outdoor escapades.

📡 22 FRS Channels:Enjoy seamless communication on 22 FRS channels, ensuring you stay connected with your group.

🔍 Channel Scanning:Easily find the best channel for your communication needs with the channel scanning feature.

🔒 Privacy Codes:Ensure your conversations remain private with 121 privacy codes, so you can talk freely without interference.

📞 Call Function:Conveniently call your fellow adventurers at the touch of a button.

🎵 10 Ringtone Options:Personalize your alerts with 10 different ringtone choices.

🎙️ VOX Hands-Free Function:Keep your hands free for other tasks while communicating effortlessly using the VOX function.

🔊 HD Sound Quality:Enjoy crystal-clear sound quality for uninterrupted communication.

🔋 Low Voltage Alarm:Stay informed about your battery status, so you're never caught off guard.

🔋 Automatic Energy Saving:Maximize battery life with automatic energy-saving features.

🔒 Keypad Lock:Prevent accidental button presses with the convenient keypad lock.

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