CallTou Wireless Caregiver Pager Call Button Low Battery Reminder Nurse Call System with LED Number Display for Elderly Patients


6 buttons+3 receivers6 buttons+3 receivers
Vendor: CallToU SKU: CC16BL-BT007BL 6-3 US

Product Description

  • LARGER WORKING RANGE: 3 plug-in caregiver receivers with digital number display and 6 call alarm buttons. long working range of 500 ft(150meters). Multiple receivers can cover more areas. You can put one in the bedroom and others on different places of different floors/hallways or anywhere, as long as there is a plug socket.
  • SET NUMBERS for DIFFERENT CALL BUTTONS: Each call button for different number. You can put call buttons in every activity area, so you can get help anywhere any time.This number caregiver pager can show caregiver/ medical personnel exact location or room number where signal is coming from. It's a perfect device for places like nursing house/ hospital/ clinics/ Partments/ restaurants/ bars etc.
  • POWERFUL CAREGIVER CALLING SYSTEM: Strong wireless signal penetration, for 2 or even 3 floor houses. 38 ringtone with loud speaker, 5 levels adjustable volume from 0-110 db. more options to choose from your favorate ringtone and preferrable volume.
  • LED FLASH: Number Pager has LED flash.It can flash at night when help is needed. This is specifically designed for people with hearing problem.When Low battery, It will flash constantly so you can get to it in time
  • PORTABLE CALL BUTTON: There is a clip on the back of each SOS call button, which can be used as a call pendant, equipped with a rope, can be worn around the neck, can be hung on the bedside or the hook on the bathroom wall, etc.

call button for elderly at home
call button for elderly at home
call bell for patients at home
caregiver pagers for elderly

Larger Working Range

caregiver pagers for elderly

Strong Penetration

emergency bell for elders for home

Step 1

Press the “forward”/”backward” button on the receiver to select your favorite melody.

alert button

Step 2

Press and hold down the volume button,until it makes a “Ding” sound and the receiver indicator flashes.

call button

Step 3

Press the call button quickly,it will make a “Ding-Ding” sound and the receiver indicator flashes.

nurse call system

Step 4

Press the call button again to confirm if the current ringtone is the one you set, if it is, the pairing is complete.

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