CallToU Door Chime,Wireless Door Sensor Portable Door Entry Chime with Vibrating Flashing Light

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1 Receiver + 2 Sensors1 Receiver + 2 Sensors
Vendor: CallToU SKU: CC21WH-DS04 2-1

Product Description

  • 🔔 [Portable Door Sensor Chime for Buisness when Entering] : Door alert for business has a back clip can be placed in the belt or pocket to carry around, without the restrictions of the socket more convenient to remind, when someone comes to visit, from anywhere in the house can hear the call, suitable for the elderly who are hard of hearing and friends with hearing problems (need to use batteries)
  • 🔔 [4 Modes for You to Choose] :CallToU Door Entry Chime flashing light has: 1,ringing + vibration 2,ringing + flashing light 3,ringing + vibration + flashing light 4,flashing light four modes to choose, flashing light silent mode, do not worry about the ringing will disturb the sleeping baby. LED light flashing, ringing vibration, you will never miss any visitors, in different scenes can choose different modes
  • 🔔 [55 Chimes & 5 Adjustable Volume] :55 kinds of short ringtones, including "Ding Dong", "Bell Ringing, Christmas Song" and other music styles. It supports five-level volume adjustment, the sound range is 0-110db, the volume is very large, and the whole house can hear it, suitable for various occasions. Silent mode that won't interfere with other devices in your home or neighbors
  • 🔔 [Long-distance and Anti-interference] :Door Sensor Chime working distance up to 1000ft in open and barrier-free environment, long-distance remote control, stable signal, no interference with each other, in Any place in the home can receive the signal without delay
  • 🔔 [Easy to Install] : Please install after pairing,tear the double-side adhesive tape sticK to any doors or windows.The wireless entry alert chimes when door opens for home is small and light so can be installed in any flat places

door sensor alarm
expandable system

Door Chimes, Wireless Door Open Chime/Alarm for Home Business Office Store

500 FT Range, 4 Simple Chimes and 5 Volume Levels for Business/Store/Home/Office When Entering

  • You can use it as door chimes when door opens for business
  • You can use it for door alert/alarm for kids safety/demontia
  • You can use it as a pool alarm and prevent someone walks into the private sphere
  • You can use it as pet alert and make sure they don't runaway from home
  • You can use it as a night entry alert chime which can alert you to the insecure door opening, and put off burglars from going any further.
Unique 4 Alert Modes





4 Simple Ringtone

  • Ding-Dong
  • Hello Welcome
  • Alarm Sound


We believe our wireless door chime can meet all your needs above!

LED flash light receiver

Wireless Door Open Chime/Alarm for Home Business Office Store

battery powered

Ringing + vibration + color flash

This handheld receiver has 3 unique alert functions: ringing + vibration + color flashing, with a back clip design, you can put it on your desk or carry it with you, you can receive alerts immediately without delay, 0 false alarms, and no random ringing.

Double-sided adhesive door magnetic sensor

They are easy to install, the two parts need to be installed very close, when the two parts are separated by more than 0.4inch, it will send a signal, the receiver receives the signal and ring the bell; when the door is closed it will not trigger the signal.

Battery powered receiver

It is powered by 3*AAA batteries, you can carry it around with you, even when the power is off in your home, it can also work normally.

We Have Paired Them Before Shippment,You Just Open and Play!

door chime when door open

door chime when entering

portable receiver

Install the COntact Sensor

Open the door to trigger the signal

Receiver will ring+vibration+flash

Hearing Impaired Doorbell CallToU Dog Doorbell Wireless Doggie Bell
Deaf Doorbells CallToU Dog DoorBell Dog Door Bell
Kit 2 Deaf Doorbells + 2 Call Buttons 2 Receivers + 2 Call Button
Working Type Wireless Wireless
Volume 120dB 5 Volume
4 Modes 55 Ringtones

Technical Details


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