CallTou Solar Driveway Alarm System - Wireless Security Alert with Long Range PIR Motion Sensor and Expandable Capability for Home/Office Safety (1 Sensor + 1 Receiver)

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Product Description

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Illuminate your security with the CallTou Solar Driveway Alarm System! ☀️ Detect movement of people, vehicles, and large animals with this solar-powered wireless alert system. Upon detection, enjoy a loud warning sound and flashing lights for heightened security. 🚨 With a sensing range of 7-10m and 360° adjustable angle, the system covers up to 984 feet in open areas. Expand your defense by pairing more sensors or receivers, creating a personalized security network. 🏡 Easy to install with IP55 waterproofing, this system ensures all-weather protection for your home or office. Charge for 8 hours in the sun for reliable performance. 🌞🏠

Solar Driveway Alarm System

Product Characteristics

14sensors can be saved from 001 to 014.

55 chord ringtones are optional.

The pairing method is simple and easy to operate.

The set ringtone can be locked by memory after the power is off, and the set ringtone can still be rung after the power is turned on.

5 Level Volume Adjustable: 0-110 decibels, independent mute do not disturb mode, give users a better home experience.

Solar charging: the user is installed in a place with the sun, and the solar energy automatically charges the product during the day.

Infrared Human Sensing: when the transmitter senses someone nearby, the red light lights up and automatically transmits a signal to the receiver, and the receiver rings automatically when it receives the signal.

Under the open and barrier-free environment, the working distance can reach 100-300 meters

Waterproof grade IP55: Built-in waterproof ring, can also work properly in rainy days.

driveway sensor
driveway alert

Package Details

Solar Motion Sensor *1

Plug-in Receiver *1

Pack of Screws Tools *1

User Manual *1

Use Steps
  1. Remove the product from the box.
  2. Plug the receiver into the power outlet and turn on the power outlet switch.
  3. Take out the sensor plug and sense the transmitter with your hand. The receiver emits the default bell "Ding Dong", which displays the transmitter number and the LED light flashes.

Get the solar motion sensor, please charge it in the sun for 8 hours before use.

  • 55 Ringtones
  • 5 Level Volume
  • Solar Charging
  • IP55 Waterproof Grade
  • 984FT Long Range
  • Easy Installation
driveway alarms wireless outside weatherproof

Detection area

360° Rotaing

perimeter alarm

Detection Area

Sensor detection angle:30 degrees up and down, 70 degrees left and right.

360° Rotaing

The spherical interface can rotate 360°, you can rotate the solar warning light according to the direction and angle you need to detect.


Wireless transmission range: The outdoor wireless transmission range of the doorbell receiver is 984ft/300m.

long range transmission

The Solar Motion Sensor with Wireless Motion Alert is a convenient and affordable safety/security system

  • Weatherproof outdoor solar sensor with adjustable sensitivity control.
  • The solar sensor could be placed up to a 984FT from the base unit in ideal condition.
  • Alerts with light and sound when vehicles or pedestrians approach within a 30 feet radius.
  • Expandable up to 14 solar sensors and unlimited receivers, it is perfect for home, business, property, and worksite.
  • Takes only a few minutes to set up. Easy do-it-yourself installation.
  • The receiver can be plugged in using the included AC adapter.



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