CallTou Solar Motion Sensor Alarm|130db, Dog Barking & Gunshot Sounds | Recording, Adjustable Volume | Smart Sensor, Solar-Powered


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Product Description

🚫🏡Defend Your Domain! Our CallTou Solar Outdoor Motion Sensor Alarm, featuring dog barking and gunshot sounds, keeps intruders at bay!🛡️This 130db loud noise maker is a fortress for your home, garden, yard, or farm.🔊📡Customize your defense with sound recordings and adjustable volume for the perfect response.🌙🕒Choose from night mode, 24-hour mode, or timer mode for adaptive protection.☀️🔋Powered by the sun, this low-maintenance alarm operates continuously, ensuring reliable security.🌞🏡Hang it wherever sunlight touches for widespread use.🛡️🏠Enjoy a Lifetime Warranty - your safety is our priority!💪✨

Whether you're looking to enhance security, scare off animals, or create a Halloween atmosphere, our Solar Outdoor Motion Sensor Alarm is the perfect solution. It combines the functionality of a motion sensor alarm, a noise detector, and a speaker in one compact device.

Solar energy charged / DC charge

solar motion sensor alarm utilizes solar power as the primary source, USB charging as backup when long rainy days, make sure it Non-stop work.Please use DC 5V<2A charger, do not use fast charger, othervise it will damage the product and dangerous!

solar alarm

CallTou Barking Dog Motion Sensor Alarm Siren Light

solar alarm

With adjustable volume settings of 100db, 120db, and 130db, you can choose the alarm volume to suit your needs.

The real-time maximum volume test average decibel value reaches 120 db, up to 130db.

Choose from three working modes to ensure your home security

solar alarm
solar alarm

Technical Details


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