CallTou WiFi Caregiver Alarm Call Button Nurse Call System Emergency Button for Elderly Patient Seniors Disabled 2 Watch Buttons 1 Receiver

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2 Watch & 1 Receiver2 Watch & 1 Receiver
Vendor: CallToU SKU: TY03-03WBL-2-1

Product Description

  • How this WIFI APP Caregiver Pager Works: When the elderly/disabled/kids press the call button, the hub will sound an alarm, at the same time, the smartphone APP will receive a warning alert, no matter the phone is in another city or province, you can receive a instant warning alert anywhere, and it will also record every calling record.
  • Keep You Peace of Mind & Give You More Freedom: This WIFI caregiver pager can be used as a simple indoor wireless caregiver call button system, but also as a remote call system that can span different cities, states, and even countries.
  • Easy for the Elderly or Those Who Need Help to Use:The SOS Panic Button Alarm is a good present for anyone who has elderly or someone needs help, so they have a piece of mind knowing that when their parents are home alone they can still be safe ,or easily notify you if they need help like if they fall or get hurt.It easily works off your smartphone, so in case of emergency it can sends help right away with a push of the call button with finger.
  • Share Function & Expandable,:You can set the sharing function of the tuya app so that when your loved one presses the panic button, everyone you share it with can receive the alert message; besides this WIFI call system is expandable, you can add more hubs, or call buttons to meet the needs of various different usage scenarios.
  • Caregiver Pager with Alert Watches: The watch is configured in the same way as a normal button, you can refer to the manual or the button pairing video in our page for pairing.When fully charged, the watch button can be pressed about 6,000-7,000 times, please charge it in time according to your usage frequency to avoid the situation that the power is insufficient to use,the watch button needs about 1.5 hour to be fully charged.


CallTou Tuya Wireless Caregiver Pager with Call Buttons

Stand Alone Personal Nurse Alert System-This caregiver pager kit comes with DC pager and wireless call buttons,no monthly fees. It keeps you peace of mind at home ,and make your loved ones feel safe. With the call alert button handy, the seniors, elderly and your loved ones can push for help easy.

Caregiver Call Button

Bed Alarms for Elderly

Call Button for Elderly at Home
Call Button for Elderly at Home


  • Only supports 2.4G network, and does not support 5G network!!
  • Since this is a WiFi-connected smart product, its operating speed is related to the stability of your home wireless network, as well as the stability of your cell phone's wireless signal.
  • If you experience problems with the product not connecting or other problems, we will try our best to solve the problem for you.


Panic Button

Take Care Your Loved One Easily

  • Taking care of a loved one or a patient is not an easy task. That is why it is very convenient to have a this app caregiver pager that will help you attend to your loved one,patients or guests.
  • The watch is configured in the same way as a normal button.


Call Button

Watch Call Buttons

  • When fully charged, the watch button can be pressed about 6,000-7,000 times.
  • The watch button needs about 1.5 hour to be fully charged.
  • When charging, please pay attention to align the magnetic charging head to the charging place on the back of the watch, otherwise it will be unable to charge.


Panic Button for Elderly

Panic Button for Elderly

Caregiver Pager

Wifi Door Sensor

Door Sensor Chime


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