CallTou Window Intercom with Outer Speaker Loud Speaker Connect Wireless Mic Intercommunication Talk Through Glass for Hotel School Counter Store Station 1 Pack

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Product Description

  • DUAL-WAY VOICE INTERCOM COMMUNICATION: Two-way voice intercom counter interphone adopts auto dual-way intercommunication technology,automatic indentification of processing speech signals during a call dose not require any action
  • INDEPENDENT VOLUME ADJUSTMENT: Window intercom system has the ability to adjust the volume on the both sides; And knob design can be more convenient to operate; Less static noise or hollow sounding
  • HIGH-SENSITIVE MICROPHONE, LOUD & CLEAR VOICE: This system adopt the advanced microcomputer. It has high quality speaker and high-sensitive microphone. Especial the microphone is deal for the counter and the dual-way inter- communication
  • PLUG & PLAY: Just need to connect with power adapter and outside speaker to the main station; the microphone cable is flexible
  • WIDELY APPLICATION: It suitable for the Bank window, Ticket offices,Hospital window, Post office window, Securities window, Embassy visa office, food truck , Hospital, petrol Station ,school,counter,store ,ticket booth, Christmas Gifts




Flexible microphone

The microphone can be rotated 360° at will, it is not easy to break.

The microphone is sturdy and durable, and the long hose microphone tube can be bent at will without dead ends, which can realize calls at any angle.


Plug and play

Insert the plug of external loudspeaker box into the loudspeaker jack of the main unit.

The outside speaker has a sticky backing that can be stuck to the window glass.


Volume adjustment

Window speaker intercom system independent volume control , inner and outer volume knobs can adjust the volume separately.

There are three buttons on the main unit, two volume adjustment knobs and a power switch.

Daytech Window Speaker

Recording jack

The host has a recording interface, which can be connected to external recording equipment to meet your different office needs.

Product Troubleshooting

Window speaker


  1. May the main machine have a close distance with the speaker.
  2. You can make them in a longer distance so that they will not have the noisy.
Window speaker

Intermittent Sound, Can not even Transfer

  1. May because that the outer speaker facing to the main machine .Then,it will have noise.
  2. Don’t make them face to face. Please make them back to back and have a longer distance.
  3. When one is speaking, the other to grab the words will be suppressed.

Technical Details


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