CallToU Wireless Life Medical Alert Systems for Seniors at Home Disabled Patient Elderly Monitorig Nurse Call Bell Help System Calling Vibration Pagers Nurse Alarm

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Product Description

  • 【CallToU Brand Story】Calling you! Users call family, friends, and people around them for help. Since its inception nearly 10 years deep in the security industry, the brand for the elderly, children and other special groups of people continue to develop high-quality products and provide a great user experience. Our mission: to make users safer, families more at ease, and life better.
  • 【CallToU Pager】If you have already purchased a CallToU or other brand pager system, you may consider purchasing this portable receiver if you want to add a receiver.This portable receiver will pair with almost all CallToU brand call buttons and will pair with some other brands as well, but you should check the pairing video at the time of purchase to make sure it can be paired and used before placing your order.
  • 【Portable Vibrating Alert】The wireless Battery receiver is portable, put it in your pocket, bag or secure it with the included belt clip, the receiver can be moved with the home caregiver, the open area working range is 500 ft, you can take it to the bedroom, kitchen, dining room, room, indoor, yard. When the emergency button for elderly presses the sos calling bell, the caregiver pager patient help system will ring and vibrate and flash to alert the nurse to help the patient.
  • 【Pagers System Pairing Instructions】Step 1: Remove the back clip by gently pushing down on the back of the receiver. Step 2: Press and hold the arrow on the back cover and gently push down to remove the back cover. Step 3: Press and hold the set button on the far left side of the receiver for 5-7 seconds until you hear a "thunk". At the same time, place the transmitter 1-2 cm away from the receiver and immediately press the transmitter button to complete pairing.
  • 【 24-hour customer service 】The sophisticated packaging helps you keep the pager secure without worrying about losing it. If you have any questions, you can check the included user manual, and 24 hours customer services and professional technology team are standing by.
  • User Manual

Portable, Lightweight, Battery-powered


call button

home calling bell

Clip it to your belt

Put it in your pants pocket

Put it in the bag


Functional Features

Portable Wireless Receiver

calltou portable receiver

call bell

Vibration Caregiver Receiver

  • It alerts you with vibrations and peace sound when your kids or elderly need you, caregiver.

Portable Caregiver Pager

  • Portable Caregiver Pager Wireless portable caregiver pager easily use and it is robust and light weight and can be attached to your belt or tucked away in your pocket.

Wireless Caregiver Receiver

  • The first button is on/off, the second button is for vibration mode, and the third button is for ringing and adjusting the volume.


Pairing Instructions

caregiver call button

call button

alert button for elderly

Step 1

  • From the back of the receiver, gently push the back clip down and remove the back clip.
  • Push down gently to remove the belt clip.

Step 2

  • At the back of the receiver, gently push down the back cover and remove it to see the button.

Step 3

  • As shown in the picture in Figure 2, press and hold the leftmost setting button for 5-7s until you hear a sound of "Dong".
  • At the same time, place the transmitter 1-2cm away from the receiver, press the transmitter button immediately to complete the pairin.


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