CallToU Wireless Caregiver Pager Call Button for Hard of Hearing Waterproof 500+ FT Nurse Alert System


3 Call Buttons 2 Receivers3 Call Buttons 2 Receivers
Vendor: CallToU SKU: CCVP 3-2 US

Pay attention!!!

Each set is individually paired and ready to use. If you need to add more call buttons, it is also possible, but you need to re-pair.

Product Description

  • 【Saves Hovering Over A Loved One】Caregiver pager's receiver is a battery-powered and portable with belt clip and 1 plug-in receiver, and the working range is up500 FT in barrier-free place, you can work out in the yard, do housework or work at home freely. Gives you peace of mind and protect your loved one's independence and privacy
  • 【A Huge Help for Hard of Hearing Caregivers】The receiver of the emergency call button system is with vibrate, flash and ringtone function, which is durable for the hearing loss. It has 5 volume level (0-110dB), loud enough and vibrates great that can wake a sleeping caregiver, so can avoid miss a call. And don't need to call out girl caregiver
  • 【Easy To Use and Waterproof】When the call button is paired with receiver successfully, just a simple touch of the SOS call button to ask help and will get assistance from caregiver. The waterproof panic button can hang with lanyard, adhesive on the bedroom wall/ bathroom/wheelcair/recliner
  • 【Multiple Application】The emergency button for elderly can used in taking care of your loved one at home, retail store, sauna at salon, nursing house, hospital, etc. You can get someone's need from time to time and instead of yelling or holler
  • 【Durable After-Sales Service】Amazon Logistics is our partner, we can quickly deliver the package to your home within 1-2 days. If you have any questions about caregiver pager, you can check the included user manual, and 24 hours customer services and professional technology team are standing by

caregiver pager

CallToU Caregiver Pager can easy your life, Saves Hovering Over A Loved One. Gives you peace of mind without losing independence or privacy

5 Volume level and 500 FT Working Range

caregiver pager call button

Pair Method of Plug-In Receiver

caregiver pager select wanted ringtone

Select your wanted ringtone

Press Backward and Forward button to choose your wanted chimes

press volume button until hear a Ding

Press Volume Button

Press Volume Button until hear a "Ding"

short press the call button


Short press call button, will hear a "Ding-ding"

call button paired


Press the panic button, if the ringtone is your set before, which means the pair is successful

Pairing Method of Portable Receiver

caregiver call button for elderly

Turn on The portable Receiver

caregiver call button

Push down to open back cover

As shown in the figure, gently push down to remove the back clip

alert button

Select ringtone, Pair

1. Press "Music" Button to select wanted ringtone

2. Press the Vibrates Button if you want the vibrate

3. Press the "Volume" button until hear "Ding

emergency call button

Press the button

4. Short press call button, will hear a "Ding-ding"

5. Press the panic button, if the ringtone is your set before, which means the pair is successful

CallToU Caregiver Pager, Wireless Doorbell & Door Chime

  emergency call button for elderly

Hearing Impaired DoorBell

door chime

CallToU Door Chime

alert bell for elderly

Wireless Alert Button

medical alert system

Medical Alert Systems

1000 FT 1000 FT 500 FT 1000 FT
5 Volume Level (0-110dB) 5 Volume Level (0-110dB) 5 Volume Level (0-110dB) 5 Volume Level (0-120dB)
4 Ringtons 4 Ringtons Plug-in:55, Portable:5 10 Ringtones
Vibrates, Flashing, Can close Vibrates, Flashing, Can close Vibrates, Digital Display Alarm clock, Time Display

Product information


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