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  • Higher Work Effiency】: The restaurant buzzer system used for reminding customers to get their food and no longer to call out a name or number, keep social distance. Don't worry about the long queues to causing confusion
  • 【3 REMINDER MODES】: Our restaurant pager system 3 modes include buzzer and vibration and flash; customer can hear the beep sound even at noisy restaurants; customer can turn off prompt sound; only vibration mode can keep the quiet environment of the clinic or hospital
  • 【REDUCES NOISE】: With the restaurant pager system buzzers, your waitstaff won’t need to constantly call out a name or number to let guests know their table is ready or that they’re next to be served
  • 【 LONG RANGE】: Based on 433MHZ radio-frequency, transmit up to 100m/330ft indoors, The longest distance in the barrier-free environment is 120m/660 ft, it can effectively reduce the crowd gathering and provide better safety protection measures for your staffs and customers(When the signal of the restaurant pager is relatively poor, please tighten the antenna to the right )
  • 【APPLICABLE SCENE】: this pager system is suitable for 4S store, fast food restaurants, coffee houses, pizza shops, banks, factories, shopping malls, recreation centers, food court, clinic, church, auto shop, test center, or other queue occasions


1. No longer to looking for customers: just press the "CALL" button, the buzz and beep loud will remind customers. It’s no need to yell out a name or number and our guest can go shopping or just sit down with patience until the the food is ready

2. Minimize crowds in waiting line: With this long-range paging system, you needn't go to looking for customers' location and you don't worry about the long queues to causing confusion

3.Improve work efficiency: Easy to set up and convenient for the customer to know when to come pick up the order; the cashier front got more space, which tremendously improve the comfort, The system helped cut the some labor cost


1. During the hard time. It's like a new helper to us as we keep customer in social distancing.It delivers signal promptly and stably when foods are ready.

2. It's a great tool to help maintain the social distance and keep everyone safe.

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Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Each receiver is rechargeable and labeled with a number

When the power of the pager is low, the red light of the indicator will flicker once every 1s


Short press the button: turn off vibration/sound

When our customer hears the sound of our call, she can press the button to turn off the sound, so as not to disturb her.

Long press button: ON/OFF

If we no longer use this pager, we can turn it off to avoid wasting power.


Vibration+ Buzzer+ Flash

Vibration + Flash

Buzzer + Flash

Prompt time is 30s

Can set vibrates only, gently enough to not disturb the church service when you need to pager a family regarding their baby/toddler

Can be used for different conditions, such as: church nursery,restaurant, hospital, food truck and so on.


Built in professional PCBA chip for complicated processes

Dopts RF wireless technology to maintain stable signal

Work well even under conditions like: cement walls, brick walls or wooden doors, transmission distance may be disturbed by wall thickness, ect.


1. The transmission distance can be /1500ft/500m at open area

2. Call all pagers with one key

3. Turn off all pagers with one key

4. The number has been set before shipment, we can change the number


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