CallToU Customers Patient Pager System 1PC Display Receiver Only(Need to Be Paired with Transmitter to Work)

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Product Description

  • The display receiver need to be paired with the calltou transmitter then the unit can work.
  • Wireless Receiver can work with CallToU Transmitter
  • FULLY FUNCTIONAL AND PRACTICAL: Wireless pager most support 1000pcs Wireless Call Button,Pager Easy to Configure Button,Delete Button,Adjust Volume and Delete all Number,It is Definitely a Good Helper for Your Business
  • EASY USE AND LONG STANDBY TIME: Wireless Calling Buttons Can be Easily Installed on Each Table or Wall with Sticker,Also Can Put It in Pocket or Hanging on The Neck.So That the Customer or the Patient Can Get Help Quickly and Conveniently,Call Button Standby Time Up to 6-12 Months
  • WIDELY USED IN VARIOUS OCCASIONS:Wireless Paging Service System Applied to Restaurant,Nursing Home,Cafes, Supermarkets, Hotel, Hospital Wards, Emergency Center,Banks, Schools, Factories, Construction Sites,It Can Help You Improve Quality of Service
  • User Manual

CallToU Calling System

Enjoy Your Wireless Life

calling system

Advantage of Using Wireless Paging Service System

1.Improve work efficiency,save staff costs

2.In hospital or Nursing Home,patients or elder to get help quickly and conveniently

3.In restaurant or other Entertainment place,make the shop orderly,so that customers feel comfortable

Use Tips

1)one call button could call multiple receivers at the same time

2)the paging system just one-way, for example the customer press the button ,then the waitress will go to know what's they need

3)you even can use wireless call system play games at party(like jeopardy),exciting your Imagination fully

4)If the wireless signal range is decreased, please replace the battery of call button

5)Call Button Just Some Simple Waterproof Function so Can Not Be Placed in The Water

calling system


Specification of Pager

1. Voltage: 12V

2. Current: ≤1A

3. Capacity: Multiple up to 1000pcs wireless call button

4 Number:0001~9999, A001~F999

5. Working Temperature: -20℃~80℃

6. Receiving Sensitivity:≥-105dBm

7. Frequency: 433Mhz

8. Size:0.52ft*0.36ft*0.13ft


Specification of Call Button

1.Button battery: 23A 12V Alkaline battery(included)

2.Button Waterproof Level: IPX5

3.Button Size: Diameter 2.4 inch, thickness 0.7 inch

4.Button with built-in antenna



  • 1 x Wireless Receiver
  • 1 x Power Adapter(AC ~DC 12V 1A)
  • 5 x Call Buttons
  • 5 x Sticker
  • 5 x String Necklace
  • 1 x Manual

Where we can use CallToU Calling System ?

use in restaurant

use in hospital

use in church

use in cafe shop




Cafe Shop


Product information


  restaurant pager calling system call button calling system calling system
  CallToU Restaurant Pager CallToU Calling System CallToU Call Button CallToU Calling System CallToU Calling System
Model 1 Keypad Caller + 16 Buzzers 1 Display Receiver + 10 Button 2 Button 1 Wrist Pager + 5 Button 1 Wrist Pager + 10 Button
Wearable call button call button
Prompt Modes 4 1   4 4


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