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2 Button+1 Battery Receiver2 Button+1 Battery Receiver
3 Button+1 Battery Receiver3 Button+1 Battery Receiver
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Vendor: CallToU SKU: CC02DB 2-1 US
  • Multifunctional Battery Doorbell: This wireless portable doorbell is very versatile, you can use it as an ordinary doorbell for home, classroom, office, business; you can also use it as a call bell for the elderly, children, patients, disabled, pregnant women and other family members who need help.
  • Portable & Indoor & Outdoor: This portable doorbell is powered by 3 AAA batteries, it can still work properly for you when the power is off or there is no power source; you can carry it around with you, whether you are upstairs, downstairs, basement, garage, garden, yard, within 500ft range, it can work properly.
  • Install in Minutes: Unlike traditional wired doorbells, this wireless doorbell is very easy to install, the receiver only needs to install 3 batteries, doorbell buttons using the included double-sided adhesive can quickly complete the installation, even a child can successfully install it.
  • Ringtone Customization & Memory Function: This battery doorbell chime has 5 volume levels, from mute to 120DB, with 55 ring tones to choose from, you can change the default ring tone,and you can set different ring tones for different buttons, easy for you to distinguish faster; after a sudden power failure to re-power, it can retain the previously set ring tone, no need to reset the ring tone.

Product Description

doorbell wireless

Expandable with Additional


Expand your CallToU battery powered doorbell system in seconds with up to multiple transmitters and multiple receivers, built-in pairing method. If you’ve purchased one doorbell kit, you can reorder the same doorbell and matching them together to meet your specific needs.

  • Wireless Range: 1000ft maximum in the open air
  • Internal Sounds: 55 Chimes
  • Volume: 5 level adjustable levels (0db to 110db)
  • Receiver Power: AC 110V ~ 220V 50Hz / 60Hz
  • Transmitter Power: 1 x 12V 23A battery
  • Note: The battery-operated doorbell kits only pair with our battery-operated doorbell kits, and they do not match other kits or accessories in our store.

battery operted

1000 FT Wireless Range

Waterproof and dustproof

3 Year Battery Life

Wireless Doorbell Battery Powered

Driven by 3 AAA batteries (included), the receiver doesn't occupy a power socket and can be installed in seconds. It saves you from the trouble caused by power outages and remembers your settings even when replacing batteries

Long Operating Distance

1000 ft ultral long wireless range, will not interfere with other

equipment in your home or those of your neighbors, ensures you will never miss a visitor, even if you are a few rooms away or on another floor

Durable waterproof buttons

This button has IP44 waterproof for outdoor use. The working temperature is between -4℃ and 140℃. It can work normally even in the harshest weather conditions.

3-Year Battery Life

The built-in 12V 23A lithium battery has an ultra long three-year lifespan, saving you the annoyance of frequent purchases and replacements.


Music to Your Ears

Mute Mode

Memory Function

Great Portability

55 kinds of music to choose from

The doorbell boasts an ample selection of 55 melodies and a wide volume range of 0-120 dB, Various pop chimes and traditional "ding dong" sounds, You can choose any ringtone you like

Mute Mode

The silent volume level doesn’t disturb a sleeping baby and the maximum level of 120 dB is hearable by the hearing-impaired or even during a party. Thanks to the visual LED alert, a disturbance-free notification is provided.

Memory Function

Memory function, it remembers your previous melody and volume level even after a power outage. This thoughtful feature ensures that your original settings are not deleted

Portable Doorbell

The doorbell can be carried anywhere in your home, ensuring you never miss a visitor


How to Change Ringtone/ Pair More Buttons:

step1:Press the " forward "/" backward " button on the receiver to choose your favorite melody.

Step 2: Press and hold down the volume button on the receiver until it makes a "Ding" sound

Step 3:  Press the call button quickly, it will makes a "Ding-Ding" sound

easy to pair

Step 1

Press the "forward"/"backward" button on the receiver to select the melody you like.

Step 2

Press and hold down the volume button on the receiver until it makes a "Ding" sound and the receiver indicator flashes.

Step 3

Press the waterproof button quickly, it will makes a "Ding-Ding" sound and the receiver indicator flashes.

Step 4

Press the button again to confirm whether the receiver can sound, if yes, the pairing is completed.


Operation Video Show

Technical Details


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