Benefits of a medical alarm watch with no monthly fee

Benefits of a medical alarm watch with no monthly fee

The medical alarm watch with no monthly fee, as the name suggests, is the same as the medical emergency system. It provides help for the elderly living alone and special groups (such as suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, vegetative diseases, etc.), whether it is medical problems, falls, fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, Just press the button to get help.

The portable help button can be worn as a pendant necklace, or it can be placed in a clothes pocket or school bag and carried with you.

Portable buttons are almost always waterproof, can be worn in the shower, and they have a call range of up to 500 feet. You can install pagers on each floor of your home. Some pagers support wireless, so you need to pay attention when you buy them.

Choose home or mobile system?

If you live at home for a long time and your contacts are limited to only one community, I suggest buying a home system; if you have an active lifestyle, then mobile devices are the best. When you leave home on a business trip, the mobile system will be with you, monitor in real time, and reflect your physical condition to the health center.


How does it work?

Just plug the plug of the pager into the socket, press the button when you want to ask for help, and the pager will emit a pre-set ringtone. Some products support wireless and can be placed on the bedside or where they can receive wireless signals.

The package contains one or more call buttons, which can be placed in different locations of the house, such as the bathroom, kitchen, or where it is easy to fall, such as the bottom of the stairs.

We believe that mobile systems provide a lot of value for the elderly on the road, allowing them to sit back and relax. They come in one form: a help button hung around the neck.

Now, if your loved one has a medical emergency, falls or has a heart attack. You can let them wear the call button and press it in an emergency, so as to alleviate the chance that some elderly people cannot get help in time after a fall or an accident, which will worsen the situation.medical-alert-watch

Speaking of CallToU watches, here are a few advantages.

  1. The design is stylish, simple and generous.
  2. The watch has two colors for you to choose: black and white.
  3. Strong waterproof function.
  4. Long standby time.
  5. The watch has five modes.
  6. Complete functions.
  7. No monthly fee.

The disadvantages are as follows.

  1. There is no real-time fall monitoring function.
  2. Cannot switch multiple languages.

Factors to consider before buying a medical alarm watch

Easy to use.

For some elderly people, the simpler the device, the better. It is difficult to gain a deep understanding of new things because of their age. The simpler the product selection, the better, so that they can get help quickly after an emergency, instead of spending time typing and making phone calls.

Long battery life.

Medical alert watch with no monthly fee use rechargeable battery power. Please consider battery life before buying. It should last at least a few days, and the brake can be plugged into the power source for charging. You should also receive an automatic low-battery alert so that you can be notified when the watch needs to be charged.


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