What is the watch pager system? What can be used for?

What is the watch pager system? What can be used for?

What can the watch be used for? Can it only be used to look at the time? The answer is wrong.

In recent years, with the continuous increase of science and technology and human demand, different types of medical products have appeared in the medical care market, among which the watch pager system is very popular among the elderly, the weak, the sick and the disabled. Because it not only covers the basic functions of the watch, it also has one of the most useful functions: it can be used as a medical alarm device.

The most typical usage scenario is at home or in a hospital. When in a hospital, a call button can be attached to the bed and paired with the receiver. In this way, the patient can press the button when they need help, which is convenient. Communication between nurses and patients. Especially in the early morning, when urgent help is needed, the night shift nurse can only be awakened without disturbing the rest of other patients.

At home, you can put the call button on the wall or bedside. When the elderly wake up in the morning, they may fall due to unconsciousness. Some people just wait on the spot after the fall, thus wasting a lot of time; some people spend a lot of effort yelling after the fall, which is a good way for the elderly. The human body is very bad. With the watch pager, the old man presses the button in time, and his family can help the old man in time after receiving the signal.

In addition, the design of such a watch is simple and generous, and can be matched with any clothing, making it more acceptable for the elderly who refuse to use medical emergency products.


So, is the scope of use of this watch limited to homes and hospitals? Can it be used elsewhere?

The answer is yes, the watch can be used in restaurants or other service industries.

The CallToU watch pager system has been carefully designed to help you improve the quality of service by simplifying the communication between restaurant kitchen staff, management staff and alternate staff. Allows you to quickly and actively communicate with anyone in the restaurant. The paging system of the CallToU watch is an ideal server pager, which can help you serve customers quickly, shorten employee response time, effectively manage workloads and quickly respond to any situation through fast messaging.

If used in restaurants, it can bring the following benefits:


  1. Simplify restaurant communication

Easily send concise messages and pre-set alarms (or numbers) to restaurant staff and receivers, and experience the convenience of concise communication to improve your restaurant service and strengthen teamwork.

  1. Improve service quality

Reduce the number of kitchen visits. When the order is ready, you can easily notify the server, saving time, improving efficiency and ensuring the best quality of service.

  1. Control the workload

Choose a different location to notify the server. Add multiple transmitters, and then directly call the server from anywhere to the main kitchen, auxiliary kitchen, main rack, front desk or restaurant bar, and you can manage multiple tasks at once.

  1. Improve employee service

Get the job done in a few seconds! After the visitor leaves, immediately notify the server to clear the table. With this relaxed waiter server paging system, you can quickly accept orders and provide fast customer service.


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