CallToU Manual | Caregiver Pager System User Manual

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CC01 User Manual

  • Pager/Chime Unit has 55 ring tones for your choice.
  • Operating range is 500+ feet in open area.
  • 5 Level adjustable volume from 0db to 110db.

SW05 User Manual

  • Pager battery is Rechargeable. Standby time about 3 days. Not just a simple receiver, but also a watch with functions such as alarm clock and calendar, with three smart alert modes (beep, vibration, flash) to choose from

P4 User Manual

  • SIGNAL TRANSMISSION STABLE AND LONG DISTANCE:Calling System highly Anti-interference and System Signal Range Covers 1000 Feet in Open Area(Walls and Other Objects will be Decrease Operating Distance, Practical distance depends)

CC21 User Manual

  • Supports 5-level volume adjustment, vibration, mute, burst and other 4 modes
  • Portable Design: The doorbell for the deaf has a back clip, which can be carried on the belt or pocket, and it is more convenient to wake the owner.

CC20 User Manual

  • Lightweight Design for Pick up Easier
  • Digital Display for More Accurate Calls
  • 10 Adjustable Volume Ringing Tones to Choose from
  • A Receiver Can be Matched with Twenty Transmitters
  • Signal Stability over An Extra-long Distance of 2000 Feet

CC06 User Manual

  • Effective Caregiver Pager: Low power consumption.600+feet operating range, 0.5 second receiving speed,you can freely enter and exit the house, cross the yard and driveway, the wireless caregiver pager is easy to install, the 5-level adjustable volume is from 0db to 110db, IP55 waterproof, 5 ringing tones

VP02 User Manual

The wireless Battery receiver is portable, put it in your pocket, bag or secure it with the included belt clip, the receiver can be moved with the home caregiver, the open area working range is 500 ft.

CC22 User Manual

  • FAST AND ACCURATE ARRIVAL: Each call button corresponds to a number, and this setup allows caregivers to arrive at the exact location. Caregiver pager system with LED digital display increases caregiver efficiency and elderly sense of security

CC23 User Manual

  • Four working modes
  • Memory function
  • Expandable for 4 transmitter
  • 4-level adjustable volumes
  • Function: flash 4 ringtone for choose

CB03 User Manual

  • LONG RANGE - Receiver and transmitter in a barrier-free environment, the maximum effective working distance can reach 500ft.
  • WATERPROOF - The waterproof grade of the doorbell button is IP55. Use it in an outdoor environment, don't worry about the dog doorbell stopping working caused of water.

CC16 User Manual

  • LED NUMBER DISPLAY: The digital display caregiver pager is equipped with LED flash, which can be used even at night to know who is calling for help, and caregivers with hearing impairment can also use it. The led light of the call button will light up when the power is low. Don't worry about the power problem

CC05 User Manual

  • Effective Caregiver Pager: Low power consumption.600+feet operating range, 0.5 second receiving speed,you can freely enter and exit the house, cross the yard and driveway, the wireless caregiver pager is easy to install, the 5-level adjustable volume is from 0db to 110db, IP55 waterproof, 5 ringing tones

TY01 User Manual

  • Multiple People Protection : WiFi Smart Wireless Caregiver Pager Call Button System take better care of your family. You can add multiple devices through tuya app and share them with multiple people.

CC18 User Manual

  • The emergency alert system for seniors is with 32 Ring tones 4 Level Adjustable Volume From 0db to 110db.

LC01 User Manual

  • When assistance is needed, a simple press of watch pager sends an alert directly to the caregiver’s pager receiver. 

WT06 User Manual

  • Friendly Design:16 channels,VOX Hands free function, Adjustable volume,Keypad lock,easy to ues for all ages.Weight 70g ,it easily fits on your hand or hang on neck, neck strap included .

WT32 User Manual

  • 【Two Way Radio】Portable handheld walky talky suitable for family travel camping and hunting;on a cruise ship; in mountains; friends' road trips while driving in different cars; Also work great in commercial construction or around the house; you can add as many as you want and they work great together.

WT16 User Manual

  • 【Application Scenario】This wireless intercom system can use in a wide range, making them ideal for Nursing homes, communities, hospitals, family service, security, school service. This wireless home intercom has got the latest FCC certification.

WI07 User Manual

  • Wide Aapplication Scenario: CallToU window speaker can be used in many workplaces, such as bank windows, ticket windows, hospital windows, bank windows, glass windows, counter windows, etc

 WI08 User Manual

  • Dual-way intercommunication: Two-way voice window intercom counter interphone adopts auto dual-way intercommunication technology,automatic indentification of processing speech signals during a call dose not require any action.

P400 User Manual

  • 【3 Modes for restaurant paging system】vibration and flash; buzzer and flash; vibration and flash with buzzer; User can switch the mode you the needs of different occasions

CC28 User Manual

SW06 User Manual

SW09 User Manual


TA01 User Manual

TA03 User Manual

TA04 User Manual

CC12 User Manual

CC03 User Manual

LC05 User Manual 

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27 thoughts on “CallToU Manual | Caregiver Pager System User Manual

  1. avatar Dante says:

    Does this product interfere with pacemakers?

  2. avatar Sonia Kim says:

    Excelente producto, a donde vaya ordeno uno.
    Los paciente lo usan fácilmente y uno puedo dormir tranquila, con la seguridad que escuchará el timbre de emergencia.
    Lo recomiendo ampliamente.

  3. avatar Tom says:

    does this product meat UL 1069?

  4. avatar Jerry mulhern says:

    How do I change the receiver to speak in English

  5. avatar Jan Owen says:

    What is the battery life on the rechargeable base unit and what is the notification method.


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