Views on the emergency call button for seniors no monthly fee

Views on the emergency call button for seniors no monthly fee

Are you worried that elderly people living alone cannot be rescued in time after they fall?

The emergency call button for seniors no monthly fee will bring you a certain guarantee.

Dr. Leah Bellman, an occupational therapist and medical procedure improvement analyst at the Commonwealth Health Care Alliance of Boston, said: "People who are prone to falls or who are at greater risk of medical accidents" can benefit from this device.

In detail, medical alerts can make you and your family feel more at ease and at ease. It is most suitable for those elderly people who live alone, are suffering from serious diseases, cannot take care of themselves in life, and need to be taken care of.

It has the advantages of medical alert.

  1. Reduce the fear related to falls and improve the independence of the elderly in life
  2. Increase happiness
  3. Easy to use and very friendly to the elderly
  4. Enhance security
But you must always look at things from both positive and negative aspects. So, what are the disadvantages of having a medical alert?
  1. Some systems are complicated to operate and difficult to use, which can cause anxiety in the elderly
  2. The scope of activities is limited. That is: cannot call at a greater distance
  3. The cost of the product and the monthly fee may be a lot more expensive. It is unaffordable for people without financial resources and insufficient pensions.

If you are considering using such a system, which one should you choose? The brand and function of each product are different, as are the service options and costs, which can make it difficult for you to determine which is best for you.


First of all, you have to consider your own actual demand capacity and economic capacity. There are many things to consider:

  1. How much can you afford? Some products have a relatively large monthly fee, but we can purchase products that do not require a monthly fee. For example, products under the name of CallToU do not require a monthly fee.
  2. Do you need GPS technology? If the person in need of care is at home for a long time, you only need to install a pager at home and press the button to get help; if you travel around for a long time in various places, you need to choose a system that supports GPS.
  3. Do you need to be monitored from time to time? The monitored system requires a monthly fee. If you have any medical problems, you can talk to the on-site operator.

The question is, will the use of a medical alert system really ensure the safety of the elderly?

emergency-button-for-no -monthly-fee

This is a question worth exploring. According to the Medical Internet Research Journal published in 2016, scientists have investigated the thoughts of dozens of elderly people after using the system. People who have used the service think it is very convenient. Because it makes it possible for them to get help when they need it and increase their independence.

Some studies have also found that it reduces medical complications and hospital stays caused by long waits after a fall.

However, not all research results represent the views of most people. Some elderly people still live in worries: the equipment is not as good as the company of family members; the quality of life is not better than before.

How the medical alert system works.

To seek help, just press the call button, the emergency call button for seniors no monthly fee will ring, and your family will know that you need help. There is no need to yell to get their attention.


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