How to choose the emergency devices for seniors

According to the latest findings, since the emergency devices for seniors is regarded as an "essential" daily necessities during COVID-19, the surveillance and customer service centers are kept open, ready to provide assistance to those in need.At the same time, data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that among the 3 million family-related incidents each year, people over 60 account for a large proportion.

Why do we need a medical emergency reporting system?

For those old people who are unable to take care of themselves in life, if they accidentally fall and can't get help in time, the consequences are unimaginable.But we can take a simple approach to deal with this situation. That is: install an emergency pager at home.In this way,the elderly can make the home page pager sound at the push of a button to remind family members, relatives or others that he is in an emergency.Unlike traditional methods, they don’t need to put effort into yelling to get the attention of others.


So, what are the characteristics of products like this?

First,good waterproof effect. It can be worn in the shower (such as a watch) or installed in the bathroom and kitchen. If you get splashed with juice, soup, milk or other liquids, don’t worry.

Second,each button has a range of 500 feet, no matter how big the house is or how far away the caregiver is from their loved ones, they can receive warning signals from their loved ones.

Finally,long standby time. It can be used for about half a year to a year on a single charge, depending on the battery used.


I want to recommend this product for many reasons.To begin with,elderly people who seek independence and peace of mind usually think that medical alert systems are the ideal solution. These small high-tech devices are designed as watches, necklace pendants or sensors, which can connect the elderly with emergency call centers, caregivers and relatives, and operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some products also have a wall-mounted emergency button, which can be installed in the bathroom, beside the bed, on other floors or in places with wireless signals.

Although there are various medical alarm systems that provide a series of functions and optional services, such as automatic fall detection, GPS location tracking, temperature sensors and medication reminders etc. These features quickly increase the cost of equipment and surveillance services, but they cannot be afforded by seniors who have no income or whose income is unstable. Therefore, we will provide the most affordable medical alert system to ensure the safety of the elderly and keep in touch with their relatives.

For the specific needs of your loved one, we can try several different options. Of course, choose the most suitable emergency devices for seniors. In this way, not only can the quality of life be improved, but also the relationship between you and the elderly at home can be promoted.


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