As a medical alarm product, what is the significance of the existence of a fall alert watch?

As a medical alarm product, what is the significance of the existence of a fall alert watch?

Falls are the primary driver of coincidental injury and hospitalization among senior Australians, and of the one out of three individuals who experience a fall every year, half of them can't get up without assistance.

We are glad to team up with Samsung, Telstra and Vault to present the MePACS Solo, a progressive clinical alarm watch that not just has in-assembled innovation to distinguish a fall, yet is only associated with the MePACS day in and day out crisis reaction administration.

In the event that that isn't amazing enough as of now, it can likewise screen your pulse, track your means and be worn in the shower, shower or pool – working anyplace with versatile inclusion in Australia.

Accessible in two sizes and shadings, rose gold or dark, our new clinical alarm watch has a customizable wrist band for solace and style and gives you the certainty to be dynamic and autonomous.

A fall alert watch is ideal for any individual who needs to keep living in their own home for more. With GPS innovation to protect you making the rounds, MePACS can furnish you and your family with the significant serenity that accompanies realizing help is accessible whenever of the day or night, in any area.

What is a clinical alarm watch?

A clinical alarm watch is an available, crisis gadget worn around the wrist, permitting the client to convey a message for help from anyplace in Australia with portable gathering. With MePACS, our checked help is accessible every minute of every day, with an expert group working nonstop to give crucial help with a health related crisis.


A famous type of wearable innovation, a clinical alarm watch is only an extra 'assistance' that can give you the certainty to be dynamic, autonomous and approach your day with little concern, just as intrigue your loved ones with its in vogue plan and fundamental highlights.

How do clinical alarm watches work?

Time is of the pith when you are encountering a health related crisis, especially on the off chance that you have fallen or are in torment. Once in a while, arranging the right assistance for yourself can be unpleasant and frequently exacerbates things.

To flag for assist with the new MePACS clinical alarm watch, you should simply tap the 'ready' symbol on the watch face or press the catch situated on the lower right hand side of the watch.

You will actually want to contact MePACS and get fundamental assistance any place there is versatile inclusion in Australia.

A MePACS clinical alarm watch facilitates the concern of reaching somebody via naturally interfacing you with our all day, every day observed crisis reaction administration. MePACS react to your sign for help inside 2 minutes, evaluate the circumstance and afterward require the most fitting assistance, either from a nearby contact or emergency vehicle administration.

Who can a clinical alarm watch advantage?

A fall alert watch can profit an assortment of individuals, including:

  • seniors
  • individuals living with incapacities
  • individuals with ongoing ailments
  • individuals who are inclined to falls
  • individuals with traded off resistant frameworks
  • individuals with extreme hypersensitive responses
  • individuals with heart issues

Clinical alarm watches can likewise give additional help to individuals who have as of late had a medical procedure or been in emergency clinic and are in their recuperation period. This can be an especially delicate time for them as the danger of a health related crisis happening can rise significantly, particularly in the event that they as of now have a current danger of falls, a continuous physical issue or bargained insusceptible framework.

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