The home alert system for elderly can ensure the safe living of the elderly

The home alert system for elderly can ensure the safe living of the elderly

With the growth of age, most elderly people have an increasing demand for home alert system for elderly. In the final analysis, it is because after people get older, their bodily functions gradually decline, and they no longer have the freedom to walk as they did when they were young, and they are restricted in many ways.

Most of the children of the elderly go out to work and often do not have time to spend time with their families. Therefore, how to take care of the elderly has become a big problem. As we all know, hiring a caregiver or a babysitter is a considerable expense, which is unaffordable for some families; after encountering difficulties, if the elderly cannot send them to the hospital by themselves but choose an ambulance, it is also a considerable amount. Overhead. So in recent years, some companies have developed medical alert systems to solve this problem.

The medical alert system can provide people with first aid services in emergency situations, which is good for the elderly, the disabled, people with serious illnesses and people who are prone to falls. This article will take everyone to understand the medical alert system.


Speaking from the most basic concept, what is a medical alert system?

The medical alert system provides an emergency button for the elderly and the disabled who may need help at some point: they need to talk to someone when they are alone; they need someone to lift heavy objects at home or when they cannot reach the highest point. Come to help him; fall in the yard, or have a sudden illness, and need urgent help to save lives... It is a combination of hardware and software. When you need to attract the attention of others, you can send it to the corresponding person at the push of a button. Emergency signal. Therefore, the medical alert system is also called a personal emergency response system.

Who should use the medical alert system?

The elderly or the disabled are people who frequently use the medical alert system and can quickly contact emergency personnel in the event of a fall or life-threatening. The risk of anyone falling in a house is unstable, especially the elderly, whose risk is greater than the average. A medical alert system is a necessity for them, especially if they are unlikely to stand up on their own after a fall. Without any help, people who have difficulty walking are particularly prone to falls. Even if they do not live alone, they are not always there, so it is a good investment to buy such products for the elderly, the weak, the sick and the disabled.

How can family members tell if a loved one needs a medical alert system?


Family members should take care of and observe their loved ones carefully to see if their physical functions are stable: such as legs, knees, back, etc. They should talk to a doctor to see if they are prone to dizziness or fainting due to health conditions or medications or are at risk of illness. Whether there has been a fall in the past is also a good reference indicator. If your loved one has bruises from a fall, you can ask them how they got it when you visit them. But before deciding on a medical alert system, we encourage family members to consider and purchase it from a safety perspective.

What types of home alert system for elderly are there?

Now, the company provides a bracelet that is relatively sensitive to sports, which can automatically detect whether you fall and ask for help if the user cannot press the button. Some companies provide additional help buttons, usually in the form of waterproof wristbands or pendants, which can be carried anywhere. Wall-mounted buttons can also be used in high-risk drop areas, such as kitchens or bathrooms.

Advanced equipment is equipped with GPS, which is useful in emergency situations. If you press the button, the surveillance company can track your location and provide emergency relief.

Do I need to pay a monthly fee?

Some companies sell products with advanced options, and naturally they also need to charge corresponding monthly fees. But for people without a fixed income, these expenses are unaffordable. So think twice before buying: can I really pay for these expenses? If you have already purchased a product that requires a monthly fee, you can cancel at any time on the official website.

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