How to choose the best caregiver pager system

How to choose the best caregiver pager system

In life, in some cases, elderly or critically ill caregivers sometimes need to respond quickly to emergencies such as epilepsy or falls. Standard medical call systems (such asCalltou) can provide a lot of help, which is why many family sitters choose medical alert systems.

Although these devices seem small, it is undeniable that best caregiver pager system can make the lives of caregivers and their patients easier. When they press the button quickly,it will send a signal to the receiver, and the caregiver can respond quickly in the first place.

Imagine that when we are not equipped with these best caregiver pager system equipment, if there is an emergency at home, we need to shout for help, which is really bad. Whether in medical institutions or at home, pagers can provide good help to the elderly without causing inconvenience to other patients or residents. As a brand focusing on wireless call system solutions CallToU has always been at the forefront of technology.

best caregiver pager system
Although the pager system looks similar on the surface, the functions and features are different.

CallToU's pager system includes several flexible combination options, which can be two pagers and three receivers, or three pagers and three receivers, which are very suitable for larger houses and houses with multiple caregivers. The receiver's volume level can be adjusted from 0 to 110 decibels, and users can choose from 55 different ringtones.

In addition, CallToU has a particularly good function. When you think the ringtone is tooannoying, you can set the device to vibrate at this time.

Another point worthy of praise is that this pager is waterproof and comes with a neckband and double-sided stickers. However,we do not recommend that you put the device directly in the water or shower in the bathroom.Because this may inadvertently damage the equipment.

Usually, this is a flexible and powerful paging system. The matching process is very simple and the price is relatively cheap.

CallToU provides the best caregiver pager system for most users. You don't need to spend a lot of time for research and comparison, because it can meet the needs of functions, usage scenarios, settings or prices that everyone cares about.Therefore, we still need to elaborate on the other functions of the best caregiver pager system.

The main functions include:

a. Whether it is three receivers and two pagers (call buttons), or three call buttons and
three receivers, the receiver has 55 ringtones;

b. The working range can reach 500 feet, and the volume can be adjusted from 0 to 110

C. The receiver needs AC power and 12V 23A battery (included) specification brand.

CallToU's best caregiver pager system has the extended range that many private caregivers seek, and can assign different ringtones to different patients. What many customers like:
The effective range exceeds 500 feet. Includes three receivers and two transmitters.Adjustable volume and 55 ringtone options.

When a patient needs immediate help, they only need to press a button and the caregiver will be alerted immediately without the need to call from an external agency.

Any medical alert system must strike a balance between patient privacy and immediate assistance. Medical pagers allow patients

Take a pendant with you when you work and hang it on a lanyard or wrist strap.

CallToU best caregiver pager system, which can provide complete coverage in multi-storey houses. Precautions when choosing a medical pager The dedicated system and the monitoring service, the medical paging system and the emergency monitoring service are not necessarily the same thing. Both of these options include a call button for the patient, but the private medical pager system do not automatically contact externalsurveillance services or designated family members.

Most medical pagers will send an alert to a receiver placed within a few hundred feet of the patient. If the caregiver is always within range of the transmitter, a medical pager system is an effective and generally less expensive option. If you will not directly monitor patients around the clock, emergency surveillance services may be a better option.

The best caregiver pager system, please click the product picture for more information:

The following are frequently asked questions by users:

Question 1: I have a pendant for a medical pager on my lanyard. Can I put it to sleep?

Answer: If keeping the device at hand makes you feel safer, you can wear the lanyard and pendant all night. However, if the lanyard is wrapped around the user or a false alarm is triggered, it may cause a safety hazard. Putting the pager on the bedside table or hanging on the bedpost may be a better choice.

Question 2: How loud is the alarm on the receiver? Will my babysitter hear it?
Answer: The number of alarms varies from model to model, but usually reaches 50 to 90 decibels. It should be large enough to attract the immediate attention of caregivers, but not as loud or harsh as a typical home alarm system.

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