How much more convenient can the medical alert services make life?

How much more convenient can the medical alert services make life?

Here is a free gadget for oppressed seniors to rescue them of crises

Aathma Foundation has dispatched 'Aathma Panic Button,' medical alert services that is intended to help them in crises.

Water-verification, the gadget can be worn in any event, when the individual is scrubbing down. The catch chips away at the premise of a stage called Cuckoo Server, which converts sound waves into a voice message. The second an individual presses the signal for an emergency response, a pre-recorded voice message about him/her is sent as three messages — to the 108 rescue vehicle, a neighbor and a close family member.

Somebody responsible for 108 rescue vehicle will call the neighbor or the family member and get some information about the state of the individual. On the off chance that he is fine, the matter finishes there. Something else, the emergency vehicle will show up at the spot in a short time.

Prior, at an introduction work held at the Egmore exhibition hall, the gadget was given liberated from cost to 100 senior residents out of luck.

One month from now, the Foundation will part with 100 free fastens to oppressed senior residents. In any case, for the individuals who could bear the cost of it, the gadget includes some major disadvantages of Rs.7,500.

Notwithstanding the emergency signal, the Foundation gives free meds to those having diabetes, hypertension or cardiovascular conditions.


The free drugs is couriered alongside a "bill of receipt", to patient's home. The bill must be marked and a photograph of it shipped off the Foundation's WhatsApp number. When the mark is gotten, the expense of the medications will be paid to Muthu Pharamacy, which upholds the drive.

"In spite of the fact that drugs will be given for nothing over the lifetime of the recipient, the patients can't move toward us straightforwardly. They need to come through specialists in their spaces and the patients need to deliver the specialist's solution, consistently.

This is on the grounds that dose of medications for hypertension, heart conditions and diabetes may change regularly. We will likewise look at with the specialist to discover if the patient is truly oppressed. The individuals who can bear the cost of these medications won't be considered for this drive," says Dr. D. Suresh, director, Aathma Foundation, who likewise runs Amma Hospital.

The foundation not just gives free prescriptions to the penniless. It additionally gives them home-nursing and home physiotherapy administrations. A big part of the expense towards these administrations will be borne by the Foundation.

Through a drive called 'Amma Saranalayam,' the Foundation is giving month to month bundles to the individuals who are confined to bed, senior residents and at death's door patients. "By this drive, every one of the necessities of the patients, including food, convenience and restorative consideration are being dealt with.

The medical alert services benefits are given nonstop, under the direction of specialists and paramedical staff. In the event that vital, physiotherapy, ICU care, super-forte interviews and torment the board will be given too as a feature of a sensible bundle," says Suresh.

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