The benefits of medical alert systems no monthly fee

The benefits of medical alert systems no monthly fee

If the child walks, runs, or trips, they can stand up within a few minutes and comfort them with just a kiss. But what about the old man? What are the consequences?

As we age, our body functions gradually decline: reactions become slow; mobility is inconvenient; hearing and vision are not as good as before; bones become fragile... if there is no regular exercise, the quality of muscles will decline. We have lost the power that helps us maintain balance and the ability to metabolize. The nerves of the feet are no longer so sensitive. If we take prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs, our senses will become dull. Defects in vision and hearing make us less aware of danger.

These factors and many more can cause serious injuries, unaffordable recovery costs, and permanent threats to maintaining independence.


Fortunately, we have a lot of knowledge about how to prevent older people from falling, how to detect when older people fall, and how to quickly reach out to older people who have fallen to ensure that they get what they need to recover, so that they can Resume independent life.

According to government tracking statistics on emergency departments and hospital visits, about a quarter of elderly people fall each year. Women account for the majority. They usually fall to the hip bone, most of which are caused by falling sideways. From 2007 to 2013, the proportion of brain injuries caused by falls in the elderly increased to 76%. Concussions account for approximately 30% of all fall-related deaths, and head injuries are the most common injury among men.

Slips and falls on wet floors or sidewalks, slips from curbs or stairs, broken wrists, arms, legs, vertebrae and ankles are common injuries. One in five falls will cause bones other than the hip to break. Even the rate of bone fractures caused by falls in the elderly is 87%. Other related serious injuries include skin tears and related bleeding (which is very dangerous for people who use thinners), and secondary complications related to long waits for help, such as dehydration, kidney failure, and pressure. sore.

In contrast to the above factors, it is time for us to take effective measures.

If you really care about your loved ones and their physical and mental health, why not buy a medical alarm system for them without monthly fees?


The callers promoted by the CallToU brand enjoy a certain reputation in various countries. Compared with other products, its price is moderate, and it does not charge a monthly fee. It is very friendly to the elderly who live alone without a pension and whose income is unstable.

Moreover, products like this can be used in many places, not just at home. For example, in hospitals, when a patient is unwell or has any needs, a nurse will come to help as long as they press a button; the same is true in restaurants. In this way, it not only improves efficiency, but also improves customer satisfaction.

Many people care about the health of elderly people living alone, fearing that they will accidentally fall and have unimaginable consequences, thereby limiting their range of activities. Little do they know that this will reduce their independence and make their lives more satisfying. However, with pagers for the elderly, children do not need to worry about their safety and can work with peace of mind; the elderly can move freely at home and do what they like to do, like watering flowers in the yard, walking around at home, and going for a walk after dinner. Gather with other friends in the park to chat, bask in the sun, etc. This is beneficial to both parties. Maintaining their independence can increase their relationship.

The following is an information article related to the medical alert systems no monthly fee. It is recommended to read it.


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