Best medical alert watch for seniors

Best medical alert watch for seniors

Once, the function of a watch was very simple: as an accessory, it was only used to check the time. Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, the maturity of human wisdom and the diversification of needs, smart watches have emerged.

Now, we can use smart watches to answer calls, view information and perform GPS tracking. But its function is not limited to this, for the elderly, this may be a good choice.

Why do I say that?

According to the survey, about a quarter of Americans rest at home every year, and most of them are elderly. As we all know, compared with young people, the physical condition of the elderly is less than one year, and they are not healthy. In order to solve this problem and reduce the chance that the elderly cannot get help in time after a fall, the medical market has begun to promote medical alert watch for seniors.

Such equipment is not only a small accessory, but also a life-saving technology, which is very useful for the elderly.


Anyone wants to be independent at any age, let alone the elderly. Medical smart watches can provide them with help and emergency customer service; when the watch rings, you can know that your family needs help. By reading this article, buy a watch for your loved one.

There are many packages of medical watches under CallToU, which you can buy according to your needs. The watch has two colors, black and white.

What are the characteristics of this product?

First of all, the watch and buttons are waterproof. Even if you are away from home and fall in the rain, don't worry about the call button not responding.

Second, our products will give away straps. You can assemble the buttons and straps and wear them on the necks of the elderly, which is simple and convenient, and can be carried with you.

Third, the watch has four modes, namely: ring, mute, vibration, vibration plus ring.

Finally, the strap of the watch is durable and of excellent quality.

A celebrity said: “This device is a vital and timely innovation, including size and weight. The reason why we mainly promote the elderly pager is to hope that more elderly people can start independent lives and receive more protection. , Can do what you like to do in your later years, go out to participate in community activities, make friends, keep in touch with your family, and maintain good relationships."


The elderly medical alarm watch is not only suitable for the elderly, but also suitable for the following occasions.

When you need service in the hotel, although each room is equipped with a telephone, you can call the front desk, but it will inevitably be very busy. What if there are more than a dozen calls to the front desk at the same time? These dozen or so guests cannot be served as quickly as possible.Therefore, the corresponding call button is assigned to each room. If you have any needs, just press a button, and room service will appear in your room at any time. The same is true for small hospitals. Especially patients in the ICU ward require special care. So, how can you get help without interrupting others' rest? Just ask the nurse to put on the medical alert form, when you press the button, the system will automatically notify the nurse.

If you want to provide the best protection for yourself or your loved ones, you should consider investing in a medical alarm watch. These watches let the elderly do not have to worry about how to deal with emergency situations, and the appearance of the watches is more modern and refined than many traditional devices. You can decide whether to use a watch with a fall detection function to detect your heart rate and reflect your health status in time; you can also choose a simple medical alert watch for seniors to provide you with the help you need in an emergency.

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