Nutrition for Cancer Patients: Fueling Your Fight with Protein 🌱🥦

Nutrition for Cancer Patients: Fueling Your Fight with Protein 🌱🥦

Dealing with cancer is an uphill battle, and ensuring you get the right nutrition can be challenging, particularly if you're undergoing chemotherapy. But fear not; there's hope in the power of whole, organic, plant-based foods that can aid in recovery, stimulate your appetite, and reduce nausea. 🌿🍅

In a paper titled 'Nutrition and the Cancer Survivor: Evidence to Guide Oncology Nursing Practice' published in Seminars in Oncology Nursing (August 2008, Vol 24, Iss 3), researchers concluded that:

"Cancer survivors represent a growing population at high risk for recurrence and other co-morbidities. Evidence continues to accumulate regarding the importance of weight management, and a healthful diet (preferably plant-based and low in saturated fat) in improving overall health and promoting disease-free and overall survival in this population." 🌻🏥

Nutrition for cancer patients has evolved significantly thanks to new research and innovative products designed to provide convenient nourishment when whole foods may not be feasible. Some of these options include supplemental beverages like Boost High Protein Drink and Resource Beneprotein. 🥤💪

Protein Powerhouse 🥩🍗🧀

Protein is the essential building block of life, and its consumption has a profound impact on your overall well-being, especially when you're battling cancer. Protein can help you:

✅ Maintain fluid balance ✅ Transport various body compounds and medications ✅ Fight infections and bolster your immune system ✅ Form muscles, tissues, red blood cells, enzymes, and hormones

Cancer and its treatments can sometimes lead to muscle loss and weakness. Consuming more protein can be a game-changer. The Journal of Clinical Oncology reported that a study involving "6,348 women diagnosed with stage I to III breast cancer between 1976 and 2004" found a modest survival advantage with higher protein intake, regardless of insulin receptor status.

Recommended protein sources for cancer patients, according to the University of Pennsylvania, include:

  • Meat (beef, pork, lamb): 3 oz = 21 grams
  • Poultry (chicken, turkey): 3 oz = 21 grams
  • Fish: 3 oz = 21 grams
  • Hard cheese: 1 oz = 8 grams
  • Dried beans and legumes: ½ cup = 8 grams
  • Tofu: ½ cup = 14 grams
  • Nuts: ¼ cup = 7 grams
  • Peanut butter: 2 Tbs = 7 grams

For those on-the-go, a quick pick-me-up drink like the PROTEINEX 2GO High Protein Shot can provide the energy you need when fitting in a full meal isn't an option. 🥜🥗

Advice from the Pros 🌟

When it comes to nutrition for cancer patients, it's crucial to lean on reputable research and organizations dedicated to cancer treatment. The National Cancer Institute stands at the forefront of the battle against this disease and recommends:

"Eating the right kinds of foods before, during, and after cancer treatment can help the patient feel better and stay stronger. A healthy diet includes eating and drinking enough of the foods and liquids that have the important nutrients (vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, fat, and water) the body needs."

Making responsible, nutritious choices is key to staying ahead in your cancer treatment journey. By selecting the right foods and embracing a protein-rich diet, you might reduce current or future health struggles and keep your spirits high throughout the fight. 🌟🥗💪

Remember, in the fight against cancer, proper nutrition is a formidable ally. So, arm yourself with the knowledge and nourishment needed to stay strong and resilient on this challenging journey. 🌟💪🥦

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