Advantages of the best restaurant pager system

Advantages of the best restaurant pager system

I have a question: If you are running a restaurant, what can you do to maximize customer satisfaction? What can be done to make the service better? What can we do to attract repeat customers? These issues require our focus.

In fact, the best restaurant pager system has appeared in some restaurants around us. Take myself as an example. In some fast food restaurants, when I place an order and pay, the waiter will hand me a round meal taker and explain to me: No need to line up, you just need to sit on your seat and do what you want When you do something, the meal picker will automatically ring the bell.

Such products are very friendly to the public, reduce the waiting time of customers, and ensure that businesses are not prone to errors in the process of preparing meals.

Especially during the period of the new type of coronavirus pneumonia, the government called for reducing contact and visiting places with a lot of people as little as possible: such as subway stations, closed environments, small spaces, and large flow of people; supermarkets; hospitals; churches and other places. So, if a restaurant just catches up with the peak period and the guests are crowded, how can this problem be solved?


The above also shows that some restaurants are using equipment such as meal pickers, not only for guests, but also for use in the back kitchen of the restaurant: after the chef is ready, there is no need to call the waiter, just press the number on the receiver. This avoids confusion caused by too many orders. After receiving the dishes, the waiter presses the number on the receiver to call the customer.

In addition, guests can do what they want while waiting for a meal, instead of sitting in place and wasting time. Moreover, the receiving range of the meal retrieval button is from 0 to 1000 feet. Even if the guest walks out of the restaurant, they can also receive a meal retrieval reminder.

Let me introduce to you the product of CallToU---restaurant pager.


Its characteristics are as follows

1.Can be used in multiple occasions: restaurants, hospitals, pizzerias, snack bars, churches, coffee shops, shops, bookstores, banks, warehouses, shopping centers, entertainment venues, food courts, clinics, churches, car shops, examination centers Or other occasions.

2.Multi-purpose pager system: A pager system can be paired with multiple buttons, which is very practical in large restaurants. The wireless pager supports up to 1000 wireless calling buttons. The easy-to-configure buttons of the pager, the delete button, adjust the volume and delete all numbers are definitely a good helper for your business.

3.SIGNAL TRANSMISSION STABLE AND LONG DISTANCE: Calling System highly Anti-interference and System Signal Range Covers 1000 Feet in Open Area(Walls and Other Objects will be Decrease Operating Distance, Practical distance depends).

4.Waterproof button design: wireless call button and durable ABS shell, the button has been paired with the receiver, plug and play.

5.Easy to use and long standby time: The wireless call button can be easily installed on each table or wall with stickers, and can also be placed in a pocket or hung on the neck, so that customers or patients can get it quickly and conveniently Help, and the standby time of the call button is as long as 6 to 12 months.

Advantages of using the best restaurant pager system

  1. Improve work efficiency and service rate, save staff costs
  2. In hospitals or nursing homes, patients or the elderly can get help quickly and conveniently
  3. In restaurants or other entertainment venues, let the store develop in an orderly manner and make customers feel comfortable

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