What benefits can the restaurant pagers for servers bring to the restaurant

What benefits can the restaurant pagers for servers bring to the restaurant

When operating a large restaurant or hotel, there must be such an annoyance: What should I do if there are too many customers? How can the waiter ensure that he does not make mistakes when there are many customers?

In traditional restaurants, waiters hold notebooks and write down the dishes they need next to customers. Although this can better serve customers, under overcrowded conditions, in a noisy environment and full of human voices, the waiter will inevitably make mistakes when remembering dishes, which will make customers unsatisfied. Many employees may think that pagers are a legacy of history, but in reality, sometimes when the hotel industry and restaurants encounter difficulties, restaurant pagers play a very important role. In order to reduce the occurrence of this situation, some companies have developed a new type of restaurant pagers for servers.

They provide us with simple solutions that simplify the communication between guests and employees. The pager is designed to satisfy your guests, enhance the waiting experience and eat faster.

The birth of this product has great benefits to customers and restaurants.


For the guests waiting for the meal, it is possible to increase the number of turntables in the restaurant to increase profits; establish a stable waiting environment for the number of guests who leave because of impatientness; maintain a quiet atmosphere by eliminating the need for overhead PA systems; let waiters Find customers faster to improve their meal time and increase satisfaction; reduce customer waiting time and improve the overall experience; customers can walk freely while waiting, pass the time, instead of sitting in place and wait; reduce the number of booths for waiters Crowding to improve employee efficiency.

For employees, doing so can improve the efficiency of doing things. No need to run around in the restaurant like before wasting time, and no need to write down the needs of guests on a whiteboard or notebook; be able to manage time better, manage tables and distribution status; find managers quickly; prepare orders in the kitchen When the time, the chef will notify the server; the waiter can deliver the food to the table faster and increase the number of turntables.

If you are not familiar with restaurant pagers for servers and how it works, it can be very confusing. Most of the available systems include a transmitter and several call buttons. The transmitter wirelessly sends wireless signals to one or more buttons. Each button has a specific and unique number. If you give someone a 6 button, when you want to remind that person, just press the number six button on the transmitter, and the recipient will receive your message and act on it.


CallToU's products are used in restaurants where customers order and sit on their seats while waiting for food. Using our system, you can provide your guests with pagers and call them back when needed.

It can also be used in restaurants with servers or imported food. Part of the staff in the kitchen can carry a pager when they need it, and they can easily contact them with the touch of a button.

The wireless call button system is used in restaurants that want to improve service. All you need to do is put a small "call" button on each table, the customer presses the button, and the waiter comes to the table to know what they need.

But the scope of use is not limited to restaurants, we can also use it in cafes, hospitals, churches and other places. This benefits people in many ways and improves service efficiency. We say that "customers are God", and improving their satisfaction is the most important thing.

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