“Call to you” to more care for you.

“Call to you” to more care for you.

That is why "CallToU" as our brand which are focus on and professional in pagers products for more than ten years. To help and care more ELDERLY or who are need get help timely.

A perfect solution that enables your loved ones to retain their independence, dignity, and live on their own as long as possible while reducing your stress through peace of mind.

You Need, We Here!

How did we get started?

In 2015, the founder accidentally saw a news story about an elderly person who fell at night and died without help, and thought of his own family with elderly people living alone, CalltoU brand was born, "Call to you" to more care for you.

What makes our company unique?

10 years deep in the security industry, the CalltoU develop high-quality products and provide a great user experience.

Why do we love what we do?

When we see the happy smiles of our customers after using the product and thanking us, saying that CalltoU is a lifesaver and saved their whole family.

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