Benefits of restaurant pagers for sale

Benefits of restaurant pagers for sale

Have you ever thought about it? In restaurants, service efficiency can also be quickly improved. CallToU restaurant pagers for sale has been committed to the development of such products, aimed at improving customer satisfaction. We provide a variety of paging systems to make your restaurant a more profitable and efficient place.

With the simplest solution, the communication between customers and staff is simplified. Our restaurant pagers are designed to satisfy your guests, enhance the experience while waiting, and eat faster.

Most famous restaurants always encounter the following scenarios:

Customer: "Hello waiter, XXX and XXX are needed here."

(Talking around is so loud that the waiter can't hear it clearly)

Waiter: "Okay, do you need XXX and XXX?"

(Because it is too noisy, the waiter remembers the menu incorrectly)

When the food was finally served, it was wrong, the customers were not satisfied, and the waiter was scolded.


Presumably this kind of scene is very common, so how to solve this problem to improve service efficiency and maintain the reputation of the restaurant?

This is beneficial to both parties.

For the waiting guests:

Hotel pagers are an ideal tool to help you increase sales and improve customer service. Using the restaurant guest pager and buzzer, you will get several benefits:


Increase restaurant orders to increase profits

Establish an efficient environment to reduce the number of lost guests

Waiters will find and serve guests faster to improve waiting time

Reduce waiting time to improve the overall experience

Allow guests to freely do what they want while waiting

Reduce the number of waiter orders and difficult to deal with, in order to improve staff efficiency

For servers and employees:

Hotel pagers are not only suitable for waiting guests, but also can be used to help restaurants increase orders. All of our restaurant server pagers and buzzers can be called through the transmitter on the kitchen or main rack. You don’t need to use a whiteboard or oily pencil to write down customer needs; at the same time, improving customer service also has the following benefits:

Increase sales

Significantly improve service levels

Win the reputation of the restaurant


It is worth noting that the new coronavirus is still spreading in various countries, so we need to maintain a social distance between waiters and customers. Many restaurants are trying their best to scrub equipment from top to bottom and alleviate customer concerns.

What first steps should restaurant operators take when they learn that an employee or customer has been diagnosed with coronavirus/COVID-19?

Stay calm, follow the company’s communication policies, send employees home and ask them to call their healthcare provider, and disinfect areas with high-touch guests, ensuring everyone works together and follows clear steps. When using COVID-19, other precautions need to be taken to help ensure the safety of the team.


In order to avoid this situation, we can use restaurant pagers for sale to reduce the distance between waiters and customers. In this way, it not only improves service efficiency, serves dishes efficiently and meets the needs of customers; it can also improve customer satisfaction, make them repeat customers of the restaurant, and bring profit to the restaurant.

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