Can door chime for business only be used in the workplace?

CallToU announced that its door chime for business and wireless entry alert can work at a distance of up to 500 feet. These music wireless doorbells are easy and quick to install, no wires are required, and there is no need to spend expensive money to drill through the wall to install it.

However, if you only want a doorbell that can meet the basic requirements, CallToU and other manufacturers can provide you with options, which will not only save you money, but also meet your needs.

There are two types of doorbells, wired and wireless. The wireless remote doorbell replaces the wired doorbell. This doorbell is divided into two parts. One part is installed outdoors (transmitting end), and the other part is plugged into the indoor wall socket (receiving end). However, many wireless doorbell transmitters use batteries in the market. It’s not easy to sell, and many users throw away the battery once it runs out.

The wireless doorbell is easy to use. Just install the wireless button next to the door and plug the receiver into any power outlet in the room to start operation. This product can also be used as a pager for people who need special care.


The wireless doorbell alarm is a device that is easy to install. When you open a protected door, window, cabinet, etc., a beep will sound. It greets visitors, guests or customers with music and reminds you of their existence.

In order to prevent their children from approaching dangerous places at home, such as windows, balconies, doors, etc., some parents can install wireless doorbells in these places, so that when the children approach, the doorbell will automatically detect and ring, and the parents can get know where the child is, so as to reduce the risk of danger.

These products provide an excellent working range of up to 500 feet between the transmitter and receiver. Press the button on the transmitter to select one of ten sounds.

With the development of the Internet and technology, people's demand for doorbells is constantly changing. The doorbell ringtone is no longer the early impression of "Ding Dong! Ding Dong! Ding Dong!". More and more smarter, safer, and more reliable doorbells appear on the market, and they are slowly integrated into our daily lives. We will find out when we go to the neighbor's house, eh! When did your home install such an advanced doorbell!

Today's smart doorbells are divided into many types, some are installed on the cat's eye, some are integrated into the fingerprint lock, and some are pasted on the wall. The functions are visual, recording, automatic answering, and even remote control with mobile APP. In short, unlike traditional doorbells, smart doorbells are slowly changing our lives and improving family safety.


In order to improve the quality of life and the texture of the home, modern people will choose to buy smart doorbells. The current smart doorbell can switch a variety of ringtones, and we can choose the ringtone according to our own preferences.

CallToU's door chime for business can generate electricity by pressing the corresponding button of the product pairing with your finger to transmit wireless signals. It can be used as a doorbell or used by the elderly to press the button when you need help.

The sound of this doorbell is as high as 70 decibels, whether you can hear it on the balcony or in the kitchen, if you think it is too loud, you can turn down the sound. There are five levels of volume control, and the sound level can be adjusted at any time.

It is easy to install. The product comes with strong double-sided tape. The installation is completed with one tear and one stick, and it will not damage the wall. Of course, it also supports screw installation. The internal receiver is directly plugged into the indoor socket and can be plugged into the living room or bedroom.


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