Equipment suitable for the elderly, the weak, the sick and the disabled: the elderly alert system

Equipment suitable for the elderly, the weak, the sick and the disabled: the elderly alert system

According to a report from the National Council on Aging, an elderly person falls and goes to the emergency room for treatment every 15 seconds. Wet floors, smooth carpets, and even messy wires can cause problems for the elderly.

"Vision, hearing and balance ability will decline with age, making older people more likely to fall than others," Director of Inpatient Services at Northwell Health Hospital, Hofstra/Northvelzuk Medical Liron Sinvani, an associate professor of medicine at the hospital, said, “People who suffer from osteoarthritis, dizziness and other symptoms or who take multiple drugs are also at a high risk of falling.”

In the past few years, the number of elderly alert systems has risen sharply. Increasing competition and technological advancements have made medical alert systems affordable to most families. If you or a loved one lives alone, investing in a fall detection medical alert system is a good choice.

Some medical companies require a monthly fee of 60-70 US dollars per month, which is not a small expense in a year. So we must carefully consider whether we can afford such a fee before buying. In this regard, I would like to recommend CallToU brand pagers, which do not charge any fees and are easy to use. The word "CALL" is printed on the button, so that the elderly can clearly know where to press and where to press in an emergency.

The call button is small enough to be worn comfortably around the neck on the included adjustable lanyard; in addition, it can also be carried with you: put it in your schoolbag, jacket or trouser pocket, and press it if necessary.


How does the elderly alert system framework work?

Some medical alert system frameworks combine cross-border long-distance voice, messaging, and GPS innovations, which can be used for nationwide inspections, regional tracking, and rapid family crisis assistance methods.

The key central part of any medical alert system framework is the "Help" button: just press the "Help" button and the alert will be sent from the preset emergency call focus. Many portable clinical alert frameworks use GPS innovations.

So, what benefits can the use of medical alert systems bring to the elderly?


  1. Improve life independence. One fact that we cannot ignore is that not only young people, but old people also want to maintain independence. For them, this is a form of maintaining dignity. Therefore, after using medical emergency equipment, they can move freely without being restricted by their relatives, participate in community activities, or have dinner with old friends; they can also do what they like to do.
  2. To be saved in time. Some elderly people who fell at home have been unable to recover after being sent to the hospital. What is the reason? It was because they failed to get help in time after the fall and missed the best rescue time. After using such a device, they can react quickly. As long as they press the call button, their family members or carers can know that they are experiencing difficulties.
  3. Complete home monitoring. In addition to basic devices and accessories, you can also get a wall-mounted help button. Most people install the button in the bathroom or kitchen at home, because these two are places where the elderly often fall. You do not need to charge or replace the battery for the call button.

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