Gadgets: What can the elderly medical alert watch do

Gadgets: What can the elderly medical alert watch do

What can the watch be used for? In addition to checking the time, making calls, and sending text messages, there is also a very powerful function: as a medical emergency system.

Many people may be surprised: When has the function of the watch become so powerful?

Based on statistics, about 65,000 Americans fall each year, of which the elderly account for the majority. For them, an accidental fall will face many risks: fainting, fracture, and even life-threatening. In order to reduce this number and risk, some medical companies have developed medical alert watch for seniors after decades of hard work and research.

Take a look at this product developed by CallToU.

According to reports, when the wearer fainted and fell down, he immediately pressed the button and the watch responded. His relatives provided emergency services to the man so that it would not be too late and the best time would not be missed.


CallToU has officially introduced its latest product to its product line Alert Watch. It can be used as a watch, can be used in daily activities, and provide support and connectivity.

We aim to protect the safety of users, maintain a healthy life and be able to keep in touch with relatives and emergency rescuers in an emergency. This watch is audible, lightweight and comfortable to wear, with a color touch screen and a variety of functions, suitable for users who do not have particularly good eyesight. And the medical alarm smart watch is waterproof, you can wear it when it is useful or in the shower; the product has the function of reading the date and time, which is very convenient.

It functions like a mobile phone, for example, there are four receiving modes: mute, vibration, sound and vibration plus sound. You can adjust it according to your needs.


The user who uses the watch can press the button after encountering an emergency, that is, the call button that matches the watch. Speaking of this call button, it can be used as a pendant and hung around the neck; because of its compact appearance, it can be carried with you: put it in your pants or jacket pocket, or in a school bag. After pressing the button, the person wearing the watch will receive the signal and be able to help you in time. This saves time and reduces risks.

Most people who buy medical alert watches for seniors are under 40, but the number of people who get the most benefit from health features is few and far between. CallToU's watches are very suitable for people over 60 years old, and these users are too young to need any type of medical alarm necklace, but still hope that there is some way to get help after they encounter an emergency.

Compared with other brands, CallToU's products do not charge monthly rent. It is very good for those families who are in financial difficulties. They can protect their family members while minimizing expenses. In addition, the product can improve the life independence of the elderly, let them do what they want at home, without being restricted by anyone, and can also improve the relationship with their family members.

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