Where can the medical alert watch for seniors be used

Where can the medical alert watch for seniors be used

For many years, we have been receiving stigmatization and stigma of medical alerts from the elderly. As one lady told us: "Using the medical alert button makes me look like I escaped from the intensive care unit, so I hardly wear it."

Based on feedback from most people, in order to make it easier for everyone to accept such products, the medical company has developed a new type of medical alert watch for seniors, which has been optimized in design. The function is slightly different from that of smart watches: The difference.

So, can these products change this state?

Back to the topic, why use smart watches as medical alarms?

We believe that there are several reasons for the category of "smart watches as medical alarms".

First of all, as mentioned above, many elderly people do not like to use medical alarms because they are bulky, ugly, and they feel shameful. However, the fact is that many people who use medical alarms do not benefit from it. An often quoted fact is that only 20% of medical alarm owners actually wear them on a regular basis. We cannot verify the statistics with certainty, but it is clear that a considerable part of the elderly do not like to wear medical alarm equipment, or simply choose not to wear medical alarm equipment.


A simple and generous smart watch allows people to do what they really want to do while pressing the call button when they need help. The potential benefit is that people may wear the watch more frequently than independent medical devices. product.

So, what is the use of this product? The following is the function list of "Medical Alarm Watch".

  1. Tell the date and time accurately
  2. Perfectly play the role of medical alert
  3. The appearance is acceptable to most elderly people, so that they can be proud of using the product, rather than making them feel cumbersome
  4. Easy to use
  5. The battery is durable

Some people will say, can I use it on other occasions, not just at home.

The answer is yes.

CallToU's medical alert watch for seniors can also be used in clinics or hospitals, especially nurses. Due to the need to provide long-term services to patients and patients, their job is not easy. This is an arduous task that requires not only hard work, but also courage and broad-mindedness.


Nurses play a key role in assisting doctors and providing primary care to patients. Their Nissan work is trivial: perform medical procedures; do paperwork; provide medical consultation and emotional support to the family; meet every patient's needs, and nurses go all out in their efforts to improve their health.

The nurses wear their scrub suits and have knowledge and tools related to healthcare, which can help treat diseases and even save lives. In addition, in their work, every minute is very important, so reliable watches are undoubtedly very helpful to their profession.

A call button is installed at the bedside of each ward. When a patient encounters physical discomfort, he only needs to press the call button, and the nurse will help in time after receiving the signal. This scenario is very suitable for the early morning, because everyone is asleep, and yelling will cause distress to other patients.

Another wonderful feature of CallToU is the waterproof performance of 500 feet. You don't have to worry about accidents when wearing this. Working near water and splashing other liquids will not have the impact of the product. The silicone strap is also very durable and easy to clean. It is a perfect combination of style and practicality. Overall, it also has an adjustable strap that fits most wrist sizes and is available in 2 different colors for you to choose from.

If you want to choose affordable and high-quality products, then a watch will do.

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