Best Emergency Alert System For Elderly

Best Emergency Alert System For Elderly

As the age of parents and other elders grows, we have to face the fact that their independence begins to deteriorate and they cannot take care of themselves. If no one is around to take care of them, accidents will occur.

Most people usually ignore the fact that they don’t understand the severity of the accident, and they only buy emergency alert system for elderly after a fall. What I want to say is: Don’t wait until there is an accident before you consider buying a medical alert, but plan ahead.

Keep in mind that young people fall without injury, but old people are different: if you accidentally sprain, it may be life threatening. The medical alert system was developed to help disadvantaged groups. They can bring peace of mind to their families because they know that their loved ones can get help and can help them in any situation.

Maximize the independence of the elderly.


Once people are old, they cannot move freely physically, and they will be restricted in doing things: they cannot go out of the house at will, and they cannot go far away... but they pursue more spiritual things: to get together with old friends and talk. Talk about young embarrassment; in the sunny afternoon, can hold a book to read; walk the dog in the yard and enjoy a good afternoon...

After reading the above description, if you start to waver and want to buy emergency alert system for elderly, you also need to know the following points.

There are three types of alarm systems: household type, mobile type, and even smart phones can be used for monitoring. Each system is suitable for different groups of people, depending on your needs.

However, despite the different types, their purpose is the same: to serve the elderly, the weak, the sick and the disabled, to serve special groups, so that their families can feel more at ease.

Choose a smartphone?

For many elderly people, the emergence of smart phones makes them feel curiosity and freshness. For elderly people with very active lifestyles, choosing smart phones is a good choice because it reduces cost-effectiveness. If you can use your mobile phone flexibly, you don't need to buy other equipment. However, for some users, smart phones are not the best choice.

If you stay at home most of the time, or if the signal at home is not good, it is not recommended to use a smart phone, which will cause inconvenience and trouble to them. For those who are not familiar with the operation and technology of mobile phones, choosing traditional home-based products is the best choice.


Unlike mobile phones, most alarms are designed to be waterproof, so they can be used in the shower or installed in the bathroom. Since the bathroom is an accident-prone area, the waterproof function is like a lifeguard.

Are there physical restrictions for the elderly to use it?

For example, with only one hand, you will find that the pendant alarm button is easier to press than the wristband button. However, if the user suffers from arthritis, a device with a soft touch help button is the best choice.

What is the signal range?

The elderly who like to spend time in the yard and garden must ensure the signal range of the yard and home, which is very important. If your courtyard is large enough, home equipment cannot be supported, which means buying a mobile system to better cover the outdoors.

How does it work?

CallToU products provide one or more small buttons (depending on your needs) wireless system, just place the receiver in a space with wireless signal, press the call button, the receiver will ring the ringtone you previously set; some product does not support wireless and needs to be plugged into the socket to receive the signal. In this way, in an emergency, you can quickly press the button to get help.


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