What can life alert watch for seniors bring us

What can life alert watch for seniors bring us

Medical accidents happen every day, which is inevitable. Although we cannot avoid accidents, we can mitigate the consequences. The life alert watch for seniors is a modern device that can notify emergency personnel (or family members) in an emergency. When buying a medical alarm watch, the most important thing is to compare various products and choose the one that suits you best.

Over the years, many people have reported that some elderly people think that using this product is a certain insult to them. Fortunately, some of these products are now designed as small products: watches and bracelets, so that more elderly people will not feel that they are using this product when they wear them, and they can be used by men and women, and they can be used for match any clothes.

Benefits of using a medical emergency watch

Branded products like CallToU can allow the elderly or the disabled to be more independent and lead a carefree life. It can also make you and your loved ones feel at ease, sleep peacefully, and sit back and relax. And there are some other advantages:

  1. Get attention quickly

If there is an emergency medical accident, sometimes if the rescue is not done in time, the consequences will be disastrous. Keeping the elderly wearing buttons at all times can ensure that you or the person you care for can contact the recipient in the event of an emergency.

  1. Waterproof button

Some people will ask: "Can my mother wear buttons in the shower?" The answer is yes. The bathroom is where the elderly often fall, and the waterproofness of the product is set up for this reason. Therefore, they can engage in outdoor activities, freely swim, exercise or sweat, and they can also be protected in rainy days.

  1. More peace of mind

After taking care of the patient for a long time, you may have an illusion: Should I stay awake in the middle of the night in case the patient needs help? However, after using the medical equipment, there is no such trouble anymore. You can sleep peacefully. When the patient needs help, you can understand the situation as long as he presses the button.


Why do I need a medical alert system?

Accidents, falls, and illnesses will always happen around you. Medical alarm watches are very useful because they are always there. After setting, no matter what situation you encounter, you can know it for the first time.

The CDC reports that more than 25% of elderly people fall every year. These falls usually result in fractures, injuries and long-term hospitalization.

In the event of a fall or a medical emergency, the quicker you can get help, the less serious the long-term consequences will be. It provides security for people living alone, maintains independence, and can easily get help. This sense of security also helps family members reduce worry about their loved ones.

What type of medical alert system is there?

  1. Household type

There are two types of products: wired and wireless. Wireless products need to be placed where there are wireless signals; wired products need to be plugged into sockets to keep running. For those who are sick or need to recuperate at home after surgery, I recommend using this kind of equipment.

  1. Mobile

The biggest advantage is that no matter where you are, you can monitor your health status in real time, which is highly mobile.

  1. Watch style

It looks the least like a medical device, it can be matched with any piece of clothing, very low-key.


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