Where can the help button for elderly be used

Where can the help button for elderly be used

Family members’ worries never end, especially when their relatives are living alone at home. Falls, strokes, heart attacks, epilepsy and other medical emergencies are the biggest safety hazards to the health of the elderly. According to the 2014 Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report issued by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC),about one in four Americans over the age of 65 falls each year. Research by the National Institute on Aging in the United States shows that 65% of these falls occur in private homes, and most elderly people hope to reduce this probability.

The elderly want to maintain independence, but family members worry that they cannot be present 24/7 to ensure the safety of their loved ones. It is precisely because of this dilemma that prompted the emergence of a medical alert system.

These devices have many types and different names in the market, such as personal emergency response systems, medical alarm devices, help button for elderly, etc. They all work in a similar way, with the same purpose: to ensure that older people can get help in a timely manner and to improve their happiness.

How do these systems work?


Some advanced equipment requires expensive monthly fees, but it can monitor your family around the clock. When the system detects an accident, the ambulance and medical staff will rush to the scene immediately; the other is no monthly fee, which is installed at home. The old man only needs to press the button, and you can know that he needs help at the moment. This kind of equipment is a good choice for those who have no financial source or unstable income.

One of the benefits of having this kind of equipment is to improve the quality of life. When the seniors have a call button for the elderly, they can take a bath with peace of mind, prepare meals and complete housework without worrying about emergencies, such as falling down due to slippery water in the bathroom; presbyopia cannot see the road and fell down. Caregivers are more at ease than ever because they know that their loved ones will be protected when they are alone. Many families find that increasing the independence of their loved ones can improve their relationships.

So, in addition to the above scenarios, the pager can also be used in some places.

Service industry.

The most important thing to do in the service industry is to improve customer satisfaction. A restaurant with good business is always overcrowded, and the needs of each customer are different. At this time, the waiter needs to write it down separately. But everyone will shout: Hello, here is a need... Many voices are mixed, making the waiter dizzy, and don't know who is the first to order. This will not only reduce service efficiency, but also reduce customer satisfaction.


However, as long as the waiter has a wrist watch pager in hand, each table has a corresponding call button. As long as the customer presses the button, the waiter can understand and serve in time. This not only improves service efficiency, but also increases satisfaction, and the number of repeat customers increases accordingly.

The same is true for small medical clinics.

Patients in each room may need help at any time. However, because the hospital is also a public place, it is not very civilized to call people's attention, and the medical staff in small clinics is also very limited. How to better serve patients is a question worth pondering. Especially during COVID-19, more attention is needed. Prepare call buttons for each patient. When you need a nurse to help you care for your wound, please press the button and the nurse will help you in time. Especially in the early morning, you can call the night nurse without disturbing other people's rest.

Of course, not only restaurants, small clinics, but also other public places can use the help button for elderly.

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