About emergency button for seniors

About emergency button for seniors

According to the National Nursing Federation and the American Association of Retired Persons, one in five Americans are caregivers for sick or disabled family members.Another example is Sarah publicly stated that she would leave radio and television news work to become her father's nanny.

This illustrates a phenomenon: in American society, population aging is very common.Some people do not hesitate to quit their jobs in order to take care of the elderly;the aging of the baby boom generation and the huge size of the elderly population have turned the previous market segment into the main market category in 2020. This is both a challenge and a possibility. Large retailers such as AliExpress and Amazon have seized the opportunity. The home care technology is also applicable to seniors living in senior apartments or any other place.

What are the common home care technologies?

Emergency button for seniors and emergency call system is very common in the market.They are very popular in many countries and are very good products for the elderly.


The proportion of elderly people living alone will increase with age. After 65 years of age, the possibility of living alone will increase rapidly. And most elderly people live in their own homes, unless the house is sold, otherwise when they are 80 or 90 years old, they do not have enough money to pay for medical expenses. The following three factors are the reasons for people's strong interest in home care and aging.


To begin with,rising medical expenses and national health policies;second,after the housing project for families and the elderly was stopped, paid home care was generated;finally,the position of nursing is in an embarrassing situation of high cost and high demand.

Nevertheless, we still need to be vigilant in these aspects: the elderly are at a high risk of falling; if they are not detected and resolved in time, the consequences will be very serious; whether the elderly living alone are satisfied with the quality of life, etc.

What are the benefits of having a medical alert system?

The first is to eliminate the fear of falling, and there is no need to worry about whether you can get help after an emergency; the second is to improve the independence of the elderly: they can freely participate in community activities, participate in gatherings, and chat with neighbors, making them feel that they are complete Individual; finally, easy to use and very friendly to the elderly.

But everything has advantages and disadvantages.Some systems are complicated to use, difficult to operate, and require a lot of time to learn; more advanced equipment requires expensive monthly payments, which are not affordable for every family.

Having said that, who is suitable to invest in the medical alert system?


It is a wise choice for those elderly who live alone, especially those who need extra protection in emergency situations:

I want to stay independent and continue to do my favorite activities, and improve safety.

Worried about falling at home or getting lost on the road.

Poor hearing or vision.

Like Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia, cognitive function has been reduced.

Recovering from surgery or other medical procedures.

Suffer from uncontrollable diseases such as seizures and diabetes.

Taking medications that may cause them to feel dizzy, dizzy or drowsy.

Live alone and want to increase the sense of security.

Regarding the main features of the medical alarm system, there are the following.

Waterproof.No matter whether you were taking a shower at the time of the accident, don’t worry. It is precisely because the bathroom is an accident-prone area, so all kinds of products have the best water resistance. And, it can be installed in the bathroom.

Easy to install. It can be installed in places where there are wireless signals and in various parts, and even on the head of the bed, which is very convenient.

In summary, choosing the emergency button for seniors that suits you is the best.

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